Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Another Ornithogalum

Back on April 2nd, I showed you a drawing of another Ornithogalum species -- Ornithogalum dubium.  Tonight's drawing is of the species Ornithogalum thyrsoides.  The two plants, being related, are very similar -- one is white and one is orange and the pyramid-shaped cluster at the top, known as a raceme, is different in the two.

One of the most interesting things about Ornithogalum thyrsoides to me is its common name of "Chincherinchee" [chin-che-rin-chee].  As you may recall, these plants are native to South Africa and the Boer South Africans refer to these flowers as "tjenkenrientjee" which is where we get the Anglicized name of "chincherinchee".

Next, I want to show you some beautiful animal photographs that my dear friend, Raquel, sent me recently.  They are just too lovely to keep to myself.

This first one shows two deer siblings "hugging" or resting after playing in a beautiful mountain meadow.  I wish I knew where this photo had been taken, but, since I don't, I will just enjoy this example of animal companionship -- dare I say love.

Of all the photos Raquel sent, this one has got to be my favourite!  As you know, I am very fond of elephants and I love this image of the baby safely surrounded by all those adult legs.  As we have learned in recent years through studies of the elephant culture, any one of those females would fight to the death to protect that little one.

This final photograph is, obviously, of an adult wolf.  Whoever was doing the wildlife photography was able to capture this wolf looking pensive.  When I first saw the photo, I was surprised by it as I don't normally think of wolves as ever being pensive.  This one actually looks like it is reflecting on the nature of its existence!

Enough for tonight.

May peace be with you all.

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