Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Days of Wine and Suki

I had been thinking recently about how much I used to enjoy having a glass of white wine with my evening meal when I came across some photos of vineyards.  This led to the decision to try drawing wine grapes on the vine.  I call the drawing "Days of Wine".  Oh, yes, the reason why I said that I "used to enjoy having a glass" is that the medication I am on these days means I really should not have any alcoholic beverages.  I must admit that on the rare occasion I will have a small glass of wine, but the worry about what it might be doing to me takes away much of the pleasure!  Ah, the joys of aging.

I have finally gotten around to taking a few more photos of Suki.  Here she is in all her beautiful blackness.

She loves to sit on the clothes hamper especially whenever I am in the bathroom performing the various activities that one performs in a bathroom!  Unfortunately, I have not yet learned how to take cat photos without the eye problem.  If anyone knows how to keep this from happening, please, please contact me.

Here we see Suki doing one of her daily routines.  She frequently has to inspect the water in the toilet by perching on my raised toilet seat.  I keep waiting for the day when she falls in head first and I have to pull her out and clean her up!

As you can see here, the water is not moving, but Suki knows that sometimes the waters move -- maybe an angel of the Lord comes down and stirs the waters! (if that statement puzzles you, I will just let you know that it is a scriptural reference).  

I pray that she never learns how to flush the toilet or else I will have my rent increased for all my extra water usage.

Here we see Suki deciding that her investigation is going nowhere fast so she is preparing to jump down and go and check out her food dish!

As you can guess from these photos, Suki is very much in charge of my home -- and I am enjoying it very much!

May the peace of God be with you all.

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