Monday, 12 April 2010

Lapeirousia oreogena

Let me show you my drawing of another South African beauty.

This is Lapeirousia oreogena -- a member of the Iridaceae family.  Laperirousia is a genus with about 40 species that is found across sub-Saharan Africa from Nigeria and Ethiopia to the southwestern Cape.

Laperirousia oreogena is a rare species.  It only grows to about 3" tall, but it is so striking in appearance that appears to be much larger!  The petals are an intense bluish-purple with a magenta-black pinwheel topped with pinkish-white triangles.  The centre of the flower has its own striking colours.  These flowers grow in groups causing the impact to be even greater.  How I would love to see L. oreogena growing in the wild.

I took the liberty of using that crazy software I now have to do a colour reversal of this drawing and the above is what I ended up with!  I am not sure what to think of the result.

It certainly gives me a very different view of my original drawing.  I would really appreciate some feedback on what you think of it.  Does the software accomplish anything of real interest or is it just something to play with?  

Tonight's photograph is from my e-friend, Jay, who lives in the deep South.

This is an adorable photo of a recently-foaled colt.  Isn't he beautiful?  He is a sure sign of spring.

I remember springtime on the farm in Alabama when there would be lots of chicks to care for along with a calf or two.  We only had the one horse but I do remember local farmers stopping by with their mares on occasion to let them run with my horse for a while.  By this time of year, the woods were full of newly born creatures.  Life -- what a gift.

May peace be with you all. 

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