Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lilies and Stuff

Here is a colourful drawing of a Day Lily.  These common garden flowers are one of the best known members of the family of true lilies (Lilium).  I have already drawn other members of the family which were posted previously.  There are still several more I am thinking about drawing.  There are so many lovely varieties.

This next item is a snapshot that recently came into my possession from one of my "sister" friends.  It provides a rare look behind the cloister walls where outsiders are seldom allowed!  I apologize for the poor quality of the photo.  

Let me tell you what you are witnessing here.  The sister on your left is encouraging the much older sister on your right to dance.  This would have occurred at evening recreation time in the community's common room.  Someone in the background must have been playing music which would have inspired the younger sister to whirl the older sister around the room, causing the rest of the sisters to laugh and call out encouraging remarks.  By the way, I am going to visit the "younger" sister on the weekend -- she is still as much fun as ever even though she is now in her 80's.  

I included this photo tonight not only because it is a lovely photo and is very appealing to me, but also because it shows rays of lovely sunshine falling through the trees.  I say "lovely sunshine" since we have just had three days of recurring rain showers with such a low ceiling that none of the tall buildings have been visible.  

There is a chance that we will see the sun occasionally tomorrow and everyone I know is very happy about that.  Interesting how affected we are by the lack of sunshine. 

May peace and sunny skies be with you all.

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