Friday, 16 April 2010

Shooting Star - Dodecatheon meadia

How about a drawing of some shooting stars?  That is what the common name is for this plant found growing wild throughout mid-North America.

The proper name of this plant is Dodecatheon meadia of the family, Primulaceae (Primrose family).  The genus name Dodecatheon is derived from the Greek dodeka for twelve and theoi for gods; the twelve gods, a name given by Pliny to the Primrose, which was believed to be under the protection of the superior gods.  Early pioneers called this plant "Prairie Pointers".

This is one of the most beautiful spring wildflowers on the prairies -- much more beautiful than my drawing would indicate.  One of the nature writers has said:  "A colony of these plants in bloom is a sight not to be missed."  I would like to try drawing these flowers again to see if I can capture a bit more of the elegance!

Any of you who have more than a nodding acquaintance with wildflowers may notice that the flowers resemble, in form, those of the Nightshade family.  A commentator says:  "This is an example of convergent evolution between plants of different families because of the similarities in the method of pollination." 

Next I want to show you a couple of photos that my friend, Joyce, sent to me recently.  They are not new photographs as I recall seeing them a couple of years ago, but they are well worth looking at again.  

This first one shows a mother and her "children".  It is a beautiful photograph of even more beautiful creatures.  All the big cats are amazing -- the Creator did a marvellous job -- but this particular cat is perhaps the most elegant of all.

As you can see, the mother is obviously taking good care of her family.

Next is a photograph of a totally different situation.

Here is a big cat doing what cats do best -- relaxing!  If the previous photo showed a working mother, here we see a cat who has no intention of working at all.  In fact, I think he is saying something like:  "Am I a hunk or what!"  

Well, I think that is enough rambling for one evening.  I hope I have brought a little pleasure and beauty into your life.  

May the peace that passes understanding be with you all.

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