Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Sunflower and Cat Cartoons

Tonight's drawing doesn't need any introduction or explanations.  I think everyone recognizes a sunflower when they see it!

While the sunflower is easily recognizable, this "from-behind" view is a bit different.  I was fascinated by all the shapes and textures that can be found on the flower's back-side.  While I am far from satisfied by the way this drawing turned out, I hope this experience will help me to do better next time I try drawing the back-side of a flower.

Next, I want to show you a couple of cat "cartoons" that I came across recently.

I really like this first one.  It reminds me of myself and the way I can fall asleep so easily almost anywhere -- sometimes in dangerous positions.  These dangerous positions have occasionally led to my falling with a "thunk" right onto the floor!  At least the kitty cat in the photo has a nice bed to fall onto.

As for this second cartoon, I really do not know how they managed to have a camera ready at just the right moment.

This is such a wonderful photo and the cat really does appear to be singing the high note in an operatic aria!

Finally, I want to show you a photo that I came across recently on a pps that someone sent me.  It is such a beautiful little church with the early morning sun shining through the stained glass windows. To me it looks like the kind of place where I could sit quietly and find my heart being filled with gratitude and joy.

I wanted to include this picture not only because it is Easter Sunday, but also because it is the anniversary of my baptism all those many years ago.  What an exciting journey God has led me on through all the years since.  

May peace be with you all.

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