Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flowering Quince

You may recall that I did a drawing of Flowering Quince some time ago -- it contained both flowers and ripe fruit on the same branch which is not really how it works.  Anyway, this drawing is much more accurate and just contains blossoms and the remains of blossoms -- which is how it really works in nature.

As you may recall from my previous posting about this flowering tree, the genus is Chaenomeles in the family of Rosaceae (the rose family). This is another plant that originated in Asia. The flowers that appear in early spring are quite striking as you can see above.

Later, a green, apple-like fruit is produced which can be used in preserves or jellies. The fruit is too bitter to eat right off the tree.

Next I want to show you some sweet photos from my "doggie" collection.  The ones I am posting tonight are all about doggie hugs!

There is nothing quite like a child and his or her dog.  This is such a lovely photo.  It appears that the boy and the dog might have been separated for a while and that is why the lad seems so delighted to hug his pet again.  The dog looks patient, almost sad and very vulnerable with his (her) pink tongue peeking out. 

This is another sweet photo of a child with her beloved pet.  Her hug is not a very graceful one, but it does look totally sincere.  It looks to me as though they both might have been running with the dog doing a lot more running than the young lady.  This would explain why the dog's tongue is hanging out.  I think the doggie might be more interested in getting some cold water instead of getting a hug!

This final photo has been around for some time, but remains one of my favourites.  This little boy may just be hugging his dog, but when I look at this picture, I always see him crying into the side of his pet.  I remember doing this when I was his age and there is nothing quite as comforting as telling all your troubles to your puppy dog.  Who else but your dog will lick your tears away and make little whining sounds of comfort.

I hope everyone who sees this posting will get busy praying that the winds will change in the Gulf of Mexico so that the fragile ecosystems of the wetlands and beaches will be spared the devastation that will be caused if all that oil reaches shore.  This is a man-made mess that is almost totally out of control.  We need a whole lot of divine intervention here -- in my opinion!

May peace be with us all. 

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