Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mother and Child

As you can see, I am back to doing icon-type drawings.  This one of the Blessed Mother and the Child Jesus is entitled, "Holy Theotokos".  

I know nothing about the origin of this particular version of an Eleusa-type icon (Greek for "tenderness"), with the traditional pose of the Christ Child snuggling up to his Mother's cheek.  I saw a similarly coloured icon in a list of greeting cards on a Catholic site and was immediately drawn to the bright colours that had been used (surprise, surprise!).  My drawing is similar, but the additional patterns (such as the halos) are of my own choosing.

This drawing, by the way, makes my heart happy when I look at it.  Even though it is non-traditional in many ways, it still pleases me. 

Here is another recent drawing of a mother and child.  I have named it "Mother and Child (Horses)".  

Every so often I have to try my hand at drawing horses.  Strangely enough, while I am working on the drawing, I feel very pleased about how the project is going; however, after I am finished, I feel dissatisfied and I have to fight the urge to delete what I have done and start over again!  Now that I reflect on it, I realize that I feel that way about all my drawings of animals.  Hmmmm.

This image was sent to me by a friend along with some other delightful images of wild creatures.  What is it about such pictures that make us say "Oh, that is so cute ... look at that little baby" and similar remarks.  

I saw a young woman with her new baby today.  We were on the same elevator at the hospital (along with her mother).  She said she had just come from a doctor's appointment for the baby.  I could see the infant was quite young.  When I asked "how old", she replied "12 days".  I wanted to say "Oh, she is so adorable -- may I hold her?" , but I restrained myself.  I think we are just hard wired to be drawn to the young of almost every mammalian species.

I couldn't help but think as I watched the baby leave, cradled carefully in her mother's arms:  "you, little one, are only 12 days old -- you are brand new -- you have so much living ahead of you -- so much to learn -- so much to discover."  Then I said a little prayer that she would have a long and happy life.

This is not really a mother and child, rather it is an aunt and a new nephew -- but I love the expression on this baby's face.  The aunt's face is also lovely -- peaceful and content -- as she holds this little child.

Well, this is enough for tonight.  I am having to take a bit of extra medication these days as the result of an injury to my shoulder and arm -- so I am feeling a bit sleepy.  

I should be posting again on the 22nd unless I get a sudden urge to show you a new sketch or something!  So, until next time, "may the peace of God be with you all."


Amra Porobic said...

You new icon of Mother and Child is so beautiful. I think that the combination of colours you chose makes it really stand out from the other ones.
What injury?

sweetsugarcube said...

Sallie, I write icons using the traditional method from prep of board to inscribing and then adding on the paints and it give me the most precious occasions for quiet contemplation. But this is not about me. I absolutely love your icon of the Mother and Child and it speaks to my 'contemporary' heart, You have inspired me to experiment more on different forms of representing my faith. Thank you.


Cecilia from Melbourne, Australia.

sweetsugarcube said...

Sallie, I write icons using the traditional method from the preparation of the board, inscribing and then applying the pigments. I find it a wonderful way of expressing so much of what it means for me as a Catholic. I find your icon so beautiful and it appeals to my 'contemporary' and free spirit and what a wonderful inspiration your beautiful icon is to me. Thank you so much. I write a blog too.


Cecilia Melbourne, Australia