Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Namesake's Icon

This is an icon I have been trying to finish for some time now.  I am still not satisfied with it, but I thought that maybe by posting it, I would gain some perspective on how to fix it once and for all.

Anyway, it is my attempt to draw an image representing St. Sarah (as the Orthodox call her), wife of Abraham.  Sarah was an old, old woman when she became pregnant for the first and only time, fulfilling the prophecy of God.  Her son was named Isaac and it is from Isaac that the Jewish people believe themselves descended.  Christians tend to claim for themselves the same lineage.  At any rate, I am drawn to the story of St. Sarah; however, I do not expect to become pregnant in my late nineties as my patron saint did!  

There is no feast day for St. Sarah in the Catholic calendar, but the Orthodox celebrate her feast on August 19th.  Interestingly, that was the date my father died in 1991.

Here is a recent drawing of the Prairie Rose.  [Family Rosaceae; species Rosa arkansana].  The name Rosa arkansana comes from the Arkansas River in Colorado.  However, this wild rose is native to a large area of central North America between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba south to New Mexico, Texas and Indiana.

As you may be aware, Alberta's provincial flower is the Wild Rose; however, it is a relative of Rosa arkansana by the name of Rosa acicularis.  Wherever the Prairie Rose is found, it is seen growing on the prairies, in woodland margins and so-called disturbed areas.  The petals of the Wild Prairie Rose can be used in salads, teas or even candied.

This is a photo of the Prairie Rose growing in the woodland margins of North Dakota where it is the State flower.

              Hippo mother & child (I thought it was a Manatee).  

[An observant viewer pointed out to me that these are Hippos since Manatees don't have legs!  Of course they don't, silly me.  Thank goodness for observant viewers!  Thanks.  But the stuff about Manatees following still holds good.] 
I have posted this photo tonight for two reasons.  First, it is a funny photo showing how rolley-polley the manatee really are.  They sort of look like floating blimps from this angle.  Even from the front, they are not nature's most attractive mammals to look at, but they are wonderful to watch in their natural environment.

The second reason for mentioning them is because their lives are threatened by the uncapped oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  Manatees live inland in rivers on the Gulf side of Florida where they are already an endangered species.  If a hurricane occurs before they can get the well fully capped and much of the oil cleaned up, the sludge will undoubtedly end up in all of those waterways leading directly into the Gulf.  If this should occur, only a few of the Manatee could be saved.  Just one more tragic loss.

May the peace of God be with you all.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, I really am. But that is not a manatee. It is actually a hippo. Manatees do not have legs. They only have fins.

Sallie (Sarah) said...

Thanks observant viewer. I just came across your comment. I really appreciate the correction. Silly me, the legs are a dead giveaway! Thanks again.
Sarah Sallie Thayer