Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Better Late than Never!

Yesterday afternoon, I reminded myself that the 14th was the day for another posting on my blog.  Then, somehow, between then and last night, I completely forgot about the blog.  Instead I spent the evening working on a new drawing, completely absorbed in the act of creating.  So, as the title says "Better Late than Never".  

The first drawing I want to show you is the icon (above) entitled "Three Young Men in a Fiery Furnace".  This icon is an unusual depiction of an event from the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible (see Daniel 3 and following).  King Nebuchadnezzar had ordered a huge, golden statue to be built and whenever the King commanded, all the people were to bow down before the statue.  Well, three of the Hebrew slaves refused to bow since they followed the 10 commandments Moses had received from God, one of which said: they were to worship no other gods than the one true God.

The three young men were named Ananiah (Shadrach), Azariah (Abednego) and Mishael (Meshach).  [the difference in the names occurs because of different translations from either Hebrew or Greek]  As punishment for disobeying the King, these three young men were thrown into a fiery furnace -- believe me, it was hot.  They were not afraid as they said that if their God delivered them that would be wonderful, but if He did not, they would die knowing that they had not worshipped idols.

After being thrown into the furnace, the soldiers and the King and his court could see the three young men walking about in the fire, appearing to be completely comfortable.  As well, King Nebuchadnezzar could see a fourth figure with them in the fire who appeared to be god-like.  The King then ordered the three young men to be removed from the furnace and found that they did not even have the smell of fire upon them or their clothes.  A decree was then issued by the King saying that anyone who blasphemed the God of Ananiah, Azariah and Mishael would be put to death.  As well, all the Hebrew slaves were now free to refrain from worshipping the King's golden statue and many were even promoted to positions of authority in the King's government.

This is what the icon is protraying.  As you can see, iconographers have always considered that the fourth person in the furnace was the Word of God, the 2nd person of the Trinity who eventually would take on human flesh and form in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Now I want to show you a couple of photos depicting our animal friends in some rather embarrassing situations!

     This is so embarrassing -- I mean, I know they like me, but this is ridiculous!

Seriously, if anyone knows why they are climbing all over him, please let me know as I haven't a clue...

     "Shocking and somewhat embarrassing -- people calling themselves human apes"

I really never thought about it, but how do you think apes might feel if they could understand that many educated people consider that humans have evolved from apes.  I think they might look at us and at our behaviour and shake their hairy heads in disbelief that many people could actually believe that humans are an improved version of the ape.  I mean, when was the last time you heard of apes stockpiling nuclear warheads?  

Oh, well, that's enough of my ranting.  Since this is being posted on the 15th, I could wait until the 19th before posting again; however, I will probably be posting on the 18th, this Friday.  Talk to you then.

May the peace that passes human understanding be with you today and always.                                                                                 

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