Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Last Day of June

It is difficult to believe that tomorrow is already the 1st of July -- Canada Day.  The year is already a little over half finished and I am left wondering where did all the months go!  How quickly time passes as we get older, bringing us ever closer to the day when we will enter into timelessness -- eternity.  Have you ever tried to imagine timelessness?  It always makes my head feel very tired!  However, I do believe that is what awaits us after this life ends.  The part that worries me a bit is that outside of time, all my mistakes, bad choices and sinfulness will be clearly evident -- from beginning to end -- nothing will be hidden.  Thank goodness I believe in the infinite mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Which leads me to the drawing I have posted tonight.  It is a new icon and one entirely of my fashioning.  As you know, I usually work from one of the traditional icons of Christ, our Blessed Mother and the saints.  However, this icon, entitled "Sacred Heart of Jesus/Last Supper" is one I created out of an idea that came to me while watching a documentary on the shrine church of the apparitions of the Sacred Heart when Christ appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647 - 1690).  Through her the image and devotion were made known to the whole Catholic world.

One of the priests being interviewed was giving an overview of the history of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  He said that the first mention of this was in the story of the Last Supper when we are told that the "Beloved Disciple" (St. John) was leaning his head against the arm of Jesus.  I had never thought of this particular scene as being part of the Sacred Heart tradition and I immediately wanted to do an icon of that scene.  The above drawing is the result.

Although it is not really part of the traditional images used in icons, I chose to put in the heart symbol with a flame atop it such as we find in the European paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I also purposely had Christ looking out, away from St. John, to show that this depiction of Our Lord is not some kind of me and Jesus tradition but, like all things the Church has given us, it is meant to include us and all our brothers and sisters.  St. John, leaning lovingly against the side of his Lord, appears totally enraptured by the bread and wine before him.  I was trying to express how I feel we should try to be when we kneel before the Lord truly present at the Consecration or in the Tabernacle.

As always, I would really appreciate comments.  Since this is my own idea, hopefully an inspired idea, but still mine, I am open to suggestions, recommendations and criticisms.

I chose the photograph of the dog to show you because it makes me laugh.  I don't know how they got the dog to pose this way, but to me his pose looks like a man about town sort of guy!  If I were creating a caption for the photo, I think I would put:  "That's MISTER DOG to you, buddy"!!

I really gave a shout of delight when I first saw this photo.  No wonder it feels as though my ear is being roughly rubbed with sandpaper each time Suki decides to give it a good cleaning!  Just look at the bristles on that tongue. 

I find this to be a fascinating photo as it tells me something important about the type of animal companions I have chosen to spend my life with.  Now I understand better why the vet is always warning me about not letting the cat have strings, yarn and such -- once that tongue has caught something in those bristles, it is not going to let it go until it goes down into the stomach and intestines.  The bristles are so strong and inward curving that it would seem there would be no way the animal could spit something out once it was caught.  Unfortunately, pills do not have the composition of yarn and so a cat finds it exceedingly easy to spit them out -- over and over again!

It is late.  I just finished teaching another marriage preparation class so I think I will call it day.  I pray that all of you will have a Happy Canada Day tomorrow and for those Americans who are reading this, just be patient, the 4th is only a few days away!

May the peace of God be with you.

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