Sunday, 6 June 2010

Periwinkles and a Puppy

Everyone has heard of the colour, "periwinkle blue" and it is definitely a lovely shade of blue which I hope I have captured in my drawing above.  I am calling this drawing, not surprisingly, "Periwinkle Blue".

This plant was native to Europe, eastward to the Caucasus and Turkey.  The plant has few pests or diseases outside of its native range and is widely naturalized and classified as an invasive species in parts of North America. 

There are two very similar species of this plant:  Vinca minor and Vinca major.  The determination has to do with hairy or hairless leaf margins -- something I did not try to show in my drawing!  Some of the other common names for this plant include "small periwinkle" and "creeping myrtle".

The dried leaves and in some cases the entire plant of Vinca are used to enhance blood circulation, including that of the brain, enhance metabolism in the brain and treat cardiovascular disorders.

Next, I want to show you another drawing of mine which I call "Puppy waiting to be fed".

I saw a photo of this puppy and could not resist trying to draw it.  I hope I have captured the mournful look of a hungry puppy with those big, big eyes.  I also hope I have done the drawing well enough so that when you first see it, you can't help but say, "Aww, what a cutie".  If so, I will consider the drawing to be a success!

Finally, tonight, I want to show you this funny bear photo I came across.  What a lazy looking fellow is this bear.  He reminds me of the way I must look when I first wake up in the morning, sitting on the edge of my bed while being very tempted to fall over and go right back to sleep!  If I were naming this photo, I think I might call it "Bear barely there".

To all those who celebrate it, I wish you a joyful feast of Corpus Christi.  

To all of you, I pray that peace may be with you -- in your homes and in your hearts.

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