Friday, 18 June 2010

Sego Lily

I have several different things to show you tonight.  I want to start off with the State Flower of Utah -- the Sego Lily.

Calochortus nuttallii is the proper name of the Sego Lily.  The Family of C. nuttallii is Liliaceae.  This lily has a fascinating history in America as reported in the State of Utah's description of their state flower.  They write:
"By an act of the Utah State Legislature, approved on March 18, 1911, the Sego Lily was declared to be the State floral emblem (Utah Code). Kate C. Snow, President of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, in a letter dated April 17, 1930, says that "between 1840 and 1851" food became very scarce in Utah due to a crop-devouring plague of crickets, and that 'the families were put on rations, and during this time they learned to dig for and to eat the soft, bulbous root of the Sego Lily. The memory of this use, quite as much as the natural beauty of the flower, caused it to be selected in after years by the Legislature as the floral emblem of the State'. The Sego Lily was made the official state flower after a census was taken of the state's school children as to their preference for a state flower. The Sego Lily, Calochortus nuttalli, has white, lilac, or yellow flowers and grows six to eight inches high on open grass and sage rangelands in the Great Basin during the summer months."

The bulbs of the Sego Lily were roasted, boiled or made into porridge by the Native Americans of that area.  This was considered a great delicacy by the aboriginal peoples of the plains.  These days the bulbs are mostly the food of pocket gophers and other rodents.  I wonder what the nutritional value of these bulbs is -- they are probably much better for people to eat than McDonald's!

Next I want to show you a recent drawing I did of Suki.  As you may or may not be aware, drawing a black cat in the normal way gives you a picture of eyes in a black mass -- very boring.  So, I decided to liven things up by being a bit more artsy with my drawing.  Here is the result.

She does look a bit like some kind of wild beast, but, to be honest, I kind of like it.  I will keep experimenting with techniques that might work and eventually I will find a way to show what she looks like without using such unusual shading!

Next I want to show you some delightful photos of mothers with their babies...

Talk about your bad hair days -- this baby is the poster child for bad hair!  His mom's hair isn't that great either so many it just runs in the family.  Anyway, in spite of the hair, he is kinda cute.

This mom seems to be saying "What can I do?  The minute I put him down, he starts crying again!"  What amazes me is how small the baby is in comparison to his mother.  Such a wee, little thing.  I bet he has a cute face.

I find this a very delightful photo.  I do not know what type of "monkey" this is, but she is truly beautiful.  If anyone knows the proper name of this lady, please let me know. When I look at this picture, I feel like she is saying:  "I hope my little girl grows up to be as beautiful as I am."  

Well, speaking of beauty, I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful summer glories of our earth.  Don't take them for granted, however -- our greed may take them away at any time -- like the tragedy taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.

May peace be with you all.

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