Wednesday, 2 June 2010

St. Joseph with Doves

I am posting a bit early this time.  As you may have noticed, I can be a bit rigid about certain things and one of those things is my preference for even numbers!  I prefer to post on even numbered days -- that way I am less likely to forget to post.  So, here I am on the 2nd day of June.

I want to show you a new icon I finished recently.  I call it the Icon of St. Joseph with Doves.  These doves are the two required to be sacrificed for the baby Jesus, as the first-born son, to fulfil the law of Judaism.  If you recall the icon I did for the Rosary book (the 4th glorious mystery), you will remember that I presented St. Joseph standing on the side of the icon, holding two doves.  I even made a comment about how, unfortunately, the doves were not going to be released at the end of the ceremony!

The scripture quoted on the open scroll in the icon is the famous prophecy of the virginal conception of Jesus from the prophet Isaiah 7:14.


The proper name for this lovely, little plant is Myosotis sylvatica.  The Family is BoraginaceaeMyosotis is Greek for "mouse's ear" because of the shape of the leaf of the plant.  These fragile flowers are widely distributed now throughout the temperate regions of the world although they originated in Europe.

There are a number of legends regarding these flowers.  In one from Germany, it is said that God had supposedly named all the plants, when one tiny, hidden plant cried out: "Forget me not, O Lord!"  God replied, "That shall be your name."

Another legend states that as the Christ Child was sitting on His Mother's lap one day, He said: "I want all future generations to be able to see the colour of your eyes, dear Mother."  He then touched His mother's eyes and waved His hand over the ground.  As He did so, tiny, blue flowers appeared.  Hence the name "Forget-Me-Not".

Here is an actual photo of "Forget-Me-Not" flowers which shows you how small the flowers and leaves really are.

                      A Peaceful Moment of Friendship

And finally tonight, here is a lovely photo of a friendly dolphin greeting another species with great familiarity.  More and more dolphins are turning up dead in the Gulf of Mexico by the way and the oil is still gushing.  What have we done?

Praying that we all will someday live in peace with each other and with creation.

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