Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sticky Monkey Flowers

Diplacus [Mimulus] aurantiacus ( of the Family, Phrymaceae) is the scientific name of Sticky Monkey Flowers, also known as Orange Bush Monkey-Flowers.  This brightly-coloured, rather strange looking flower is a native of south-western North America.  Its range is from southwestern Oregon, south through most of California.  It has green, sticky leaves (hence, its name of Sticky Monkey Flower) and occurs in colours from white to red.  However, the majority of the blossoms are some shade of orange.

It is a favourite of hummingbirds and bees.  The Native Americans of the area used its flowers and roots to treat a number of ailments, but it was particularly useful for its antiseptic properties as it expedited the healing of minor scrapes and burns.

All in all, in my opinion, its a rather funny-looking flower but is does have a great name!

This next drawing is, obviously, another icon.  

I drew this icon a number of months ago at the request of a guy who said he would like to purchase an icon of Christ drawn in the style of the famous "Christ Pantokrator" from the 6th century -- the one in St. Catherine's Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai.

Well, I did the drawing but he never got back to me about it -- so, now, I cannot remember if I showed it to you at the time or not.  Here it is.  I find it to be a reasonably OK copy of the famous icon (not nearly as good, of course), but decent.  Each half of the face is supposed to give you a slightly different impression.  I would really like some opinions about this drawing.  Thanks.

Here we have some more mother and baby photos from the large pps that a friend sent me.

The caption I would put with this one is:

                "Aww, mom, do I really have to go to school today?"   

I would really appreciate hearing from you about what sort of caption you would put with these photos.

"Junior, please ask your father to give you your breakfast, I am just too tired to turn over!"

I can't imagine how the father could feed the baby unless the baby has started eating fish already.  Otherwise, sooner or later, mom is going to have to turn over and allow Junior to nurse!

The creatures of the earth are so amazingly wonderful in their uniqueness, similarity and complexity.

Oh, by the way, this posting was supposed to ready last night; however, I just ran out of day -- suddenly it was almost midnight and I realized that I had forgotten to do what I intended to do earlier!  So, the only solution was to do it on the 27th instead of the 26th.  At last, here it is.  

May the peace of God be with you all.

P.S.  I did not even talk about the G20 protesters as it would not be good for my blood pressure.  Fortunately, they stayed away from my downtown neighbourhood.

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Amra Porobic said...

Hi Sallie,
The wordrobe is a too monotonous and the expression of the Christ's face is not deep/spiritual enough. I think it's much harder to draw His face, than Holy Mother's.
Keep trying, no matter what.