Saturday, 17 July 2010

Beware -- Poison

Zigadenus elegans

Zigadenus elegans of the Family, Liliaceae is commonly known as "Death Camas" and "Mountain Death Camas".  Zigadenus is derived from Greek zugon meaning "yoke" and aden which means "gland" while elegans is Latin for "elegant".

All parts of this plant contain the poisonous alkaloid zygadenine, which some claim to be more potent than strychnine.  Two bulbs, raw or cooked, can be fatal.  Poisoning results from confusing these bulbs with those of edible species such as wild onion bulbs.  Unfortunately, sometimes cattle accidently eat the plant when it is mixed in with native grasses.

As  you would expect, Native Americans were well aware of the poisonous traits of this plant.  They would, however, very carefully mash the bulbs into a pulp and use this as a wet dressing for sprains.  I would think that in this case both the "doctor" and the patient would have to be very, very careful not to actually touch the mash or let it touch the skin directly.  I, personally, think I would rather just have a sprained ankle!

Icon of St. John Resting on the Heart of Jesus

Here is another drawing of my version of the Sacred Heart.  Lately, I have found the idea of St. John resting his head on the shoulder of Jesus, as he is said to have done at the "Last Supper", very appealing.  Just the thought that he was in a position to actually hear the heart of Jesus beating as Our Lord talked about His upcoming crucifixion and death and distributed the blessed bread and wine, saying: "take and eat, this is My body, this is My blood".  Did His heartbeat speed up as He talked about the suffering and death that He knew awaited Him?  What did St. John actually hear? What did he think?  Did he say anything to Our Lord that is not recorded?  I ponder this image and these questions and I am deeply moved.

As for the drawing itself, just like the similar one I posted last week, I feel that it is awkwardly done.  As you know, I usually work from an image I have found online or in a book and am able to trace most of the major parts of the drawing so that I have everything in right relationship on the small space I have to work on -- a box inside a box on my computer screen.  But with these, I found no icon-type drawings of just Our Lord and St. John.  They are usually part of the large drawing known as the "Last Supper".  So, with this image as with the other one, I have had to do a lot of improvisation and I am not very good at that! 

Oh, well, I think these drawings were done more for my own reflection than for anything else.

"I am sorry that I woke you up"

Isn't this just an adorable photo of a kitten?  I thought of all kinds of captions I could use for the picture, but decided to stick with a simple one.  I mean, if you know anything at all about cats, you know that they are never sorry to have awakened you since that means that there is the possibility of food, play or just some attention.

With a sweet face like this little guy has, I imagine that he can get away with almost anything.

"I WOOF You"

I don't think I have shown you this photo before.  If I have, just try to enjoy it again.  I like the picture and I think it would make a cute valentine for a guy who loves dogs.

When I look at this photo, I can't help but wonder if the fence was made that way or if someone went to all the trouble to cut out this section just so they could take this picture! 

Here is another one of those politically incorrect advertisements.  Looking at the hairstyle, makeup and the top of her dress, I would guess that the ad was made some time back in the 1950's.  Back then, if I had seen this ad, I would have just thought that it was cute, maybe laughed a little laugh and gone on my way.

Today, however, such an ad could only be used as a spoof.  In just over 50 years, such an ad would never be taken seriously by anyone.  If you tried to update this ad, using the same caption, nobody would think you were doing anything other than trying to make a joke.   

Well, I am writing this post on a hot Saturday afternoon.  I heard on the news last night that this past year has been the hottest year, worldwide, on record and next year is expected to be even worse.  This is not good, folks.  We have to wonder how much longer our power grids are going to hold out.

Well, keep trying to conserve and encourage others to do the same.  Meanwhile, we can just be extremely grateful that at this moment we do have air conditioning!

Peace be with you all.

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