Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Icon from a Painting

I am calling this drawing "Icon from a Non-Icon".  I admit this isn't a very exciting name for a drawing, but at least it conveys exactly what it is.

Even though it has elements of an icon, i.e. the Greek letters for Theotokos and Jesus Christ, it has many more elements that are non-iconic.  For example, in "true" icons, Jesus is almost never shown as a baby except in the drawings of the Nativity when He is shown lying in a bit of straw placed in a manger.  I do not think I have ever seen an icon of Mother and Child where Jesus is portrayed as an infant.  He is always either a young boy or, occasionally, a small adult.  As well, our Lady is almost always dressed in symbolic colours of red and blue (or variations thereof).  Her hair is never shown but is always covered by a head covering.

So, when I came across a beautiful drawing of the Mother and Child and wanted to try to convert it to an iconic style, I took a lot of liberties.  I ended up with something I am pleased with and I guess in the end that is all that matters.  

There have been a number of news items recently about an ice cream truck in England that caters exclusively to dogs.  I mean everyone knows that dogs eating ice cream is nothing new -- they love it (except for chocolate which can make them sick).  What is different about this ice cream, however, is that there are flavours exclusively for dogs.  I mean having bacon flavoured ice cream, while not appealing to humans, must be delicious for the doggies.  And each cone comes with a dog biscuit on top!  

The news clips were showing dogs gobbling up their ice cream cones in two big bites or less!  One person, buying his dog a cone, had just saying "well, now maybe he will leave my cone alone". As he said this, his dog finished his cone and immediately started trying to eat his "master's".  Some things never change.

I love this photo of a child and a dog playing together.  I am not certain if the dog is yapping or singing.  The little girl looks as though she is singing some sort of counting song.  Whatever is going on, you can bet that we are looking at one very happy little dog.

This is also a very sweet photo of a young girl with her dog (and a beautiful dog it is).  I can just imagine how getting licked in your ear by a dog will tickle as I have had it done to me on numerous occasions.  As well, I now have a cat who is also an "ear licker".  Of course, with a cat you have the added delight of that sandpaper tongue.  I don't think my ears have ever been cleaner than they are now -- the fact that they look red and scraped is just the price I have to pay.  At least a dog's tongue is soft!

This is not a very involved posting plus it is a day or two late.  I apologize but I am involved in a marathon push to finish my book by the end of July -- that's right, I said the end of July.  Seeing that July 31 is only 4 days from today, I have really been working.  I think I just might make it.  I will try to post again on the 31st to let you know what happened.  Say a prayer for my stamina.

May peace be with you all.

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