Saturday, 28 August 2010

Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ -- Black Rose

This is one of the most beautiful "non-flower flowers" I know of.  Let me explain.  Aeonium "Zwartkop", of the Family, Crassulaceae, looks like a flower because of the arrangement of its leaves!  The leaves are deep red/black in colour and hence the common name of Black Rose.  In winter, they produce bright yellow flowers.  I may try to do a drawing of the flowers sometime in the future.

This variety of Aeonium is actually a "cultivar" -- a plant achieved by cross breeding.  There are, in fact, other forms of the name for this cultivar including "Schwarzkopf "and "Schwartzkopf".

This branching shrub produces magnificent, succulent-looking, leaft rosettes at the ends of its branches.  Aeoniums are natives of Madeira, the Canary Islands and North Africa -- all climates that do not experience cold temperatures.

Here is a painting that I came across of Aeonium "Zwartkop".  It was not properly identified, but to me it looks like the art of Georgia O'Keeffe.  I find it quite lovely.  If anyone knows for certain whose work this is, I would really appreciate your letting me know. 

As usual, I decided to play with my drawing of Aeonium "Zwartkop".  This is the result of trying something called "solarization".  I don't think it actually makes that much of a difference in the overall look of my art work.  This one has a greenish centre while the real flower has a yellowish centre.  Otherwise... I don't think it was worth the effort!

Now for some duck photos...

This first one is a very sad set of three photos showing the day in the life of a poor mother duck.  She appears to have at least six ducklings when she starts across the grate, but when she turns to look behind her, she appears to have only one left!  I don't know if it was possible for the photographer to rescue the ducklings or not.  Otherwise they may have gotten eaten by those alligators and crocodiles which, urban legend says, are supposed to be living in the sewer networks of all big cities!  But that is just too sad to contemplate.  Being a "glass half full" kind of person, I will just assume that they were rescued by kindly city works employees who just happened to arrive at the right moment!

This photograph could be entitled:  "Taking the big plunge".  I am sure the proposed jump seems huge to our duckling friend; while we, having a very different perspective, already know that he is going to be just fine.  That is how it so often is in life.  When God asks us to step out in faith, it looks so frightening; however, if we could just see things from His perspective, we would know that everything was going to be fine.  I guess that is why trust is so important... in our relationship with God, with our parents and other authority figures when we are children, with the wise ones when we are older and in our own God-given abilities.

I really like this last one.  I am convinced that she is going to catch that bug and will then feel even more confident in her ability to feed herself ... all part of growing from a duckling into a full-grown duck.  You go, girl!!

So we come to the end of another posting.  We are in the process of moving my blog to my simple, little web site.  There will be very little there other than the blog, my bio and information for contacting me or ordering things.  I hope, in time, to have all my drawings posted there, but first I have to learn how to do things myself and I am not very good at that sort of thing.  The wonderfully creative man who set up the web site could do all of this for me, but I would need to retain his services and that sort of expense is well beyond me. 

As some of you may have guessed, I have never made any profit off all my cards and icons and books because I always spend more money on producing things than I charge.  Even with the books, I don't really make anything as I do not want the price for the consumer to be too high.  My business, Colouration (Canada) has never been out of the red in its five years of existence, but I don't mind.  It gives me so much pleasure when people want to buy things from me that I would hate to have them turn away because the price was too high.  Somehow I don't think I was ever intended to be a business woman!

May peace be with each and everyone of you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the "non-flower" flower, which I found most interesting. Also, thank you for continuing your regular and always interesting posts to this blog. Your willingness to share your obvious much higher than normal talents are much appreciated. While I don't view it as frequently as I once did, I continue to be drawn to doing so when I have the opportunity.

Warmest Regards,