Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Love in a Mist/Devil in a Bush

          Nigella damascena "Love in a Mist" aka "Devil in a Bush"

Nigella damascena is an annual flowering plant, belonging to the buttercup family, (Ranunculaceae).  It is native to southern Europe, north Africa and southwest Asia.  It is now found growing in gardens in North America.  

Because of all the lacy bracts and thread-like leaves, it has gained two descriptive names:  "Love in a Mist" and "Devil in a Bush".  Quite a contrast.  These flowers have been grown in English cottage gardens since Elizabethan times under such names as "Miss Jekyll" and "Oxford Blue".

The fruit (shown next to the flower above) is a large and inflated capsule.  These contain numerous seeds so the plants can spread rapidly.  

I find them uniquely beautiful.

                         Nigella damascena (solarized)

I decided to play around a bit with this interesting plant and choose to apply a process known as "solarization" to the image.  You can see for yourself what happened.  It looks to me like something you might find on the sea floor -- maybe a plant or maybe a strange sea creature.  

 The animals fight back -- 
"We've had enough 
and we just aren't taking it any more!"

I think this young man took a wrong turn, the Shell station is in the other direction!  Ah, well, I don't really think a service station would be of much help anyway!  Actually, it looks as though the young man's feet are not even touching the ground.  Amazing what being chased by an angry hippo can do to us.

I could have told this young man that alligators and crocodiles consider it very rude of someone to point their finger towards them.  I wish we had a third photo so we could see how badly the boat was trashed.

What do you think the odds are of this fellow being able to open the door, jump in the car and close the door before the polar bear catches up with him?  I think I will place my bet on the bear.

I have received a draft copy of my new book and am now making a number of small corrections. Once I finish this and have uploaded it, the book will be ready for purchase.  It is actually available from Blurb now, but you would receive only the unedited copy.  I will announce to everyone when the final copy is ready.

May the peace of God be with you all.

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