Sunday, 15 August 2010

Violet Queen -- Spider Flower

Cleome hassleriana (spider flower)

Cleome hassleriana (Family Capparaceae) is commonly known as "spider flower" or "spider plant".  It is a species of Cleome and native to southern South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southeast Brazil).

The one pictured above is a cultivar, a cultivated, ornamental plant, and a member of the "Queen" series.

Cleome is called "spider flower" because its wiry, protruding stamens are reminiscent of spider's legs.  The Family name of Capparaceae means it is a member of the caper family and a cousin of the pickled caper some people like to eat.  It is a strongly scented plant, I am told, but I am uncertain whether that is a strongly pleasant scent or a strongly unpleasant scent! 

I have also heard that these plants have spines or sharp edges which means you should use extreme caution when handling them.  Yikes.  The plant looks so benign.  I understand now why people arranging these flowers are always shown wearing gloves! 

Nothing like sharing an ice cream cone on a hot day!

This is obviously a very polite and well-trained puppy.  Look how daintly he is licking his side of the ice cream cone instead of grabbing the whole thing and taking off!

Thank goodness for human assistance!

Can you imagine having seven babies to look after all at once!!!  I am sure Mama Dog is delighted to have someone supplying her pups with bowls and food to put in them. 

A picture is worth a thousand words!

You really have to wonder how this poor pup managed to get himself stuck between these two trees.  I do hope some unkind person did not put him there because they thought it would make a funny photo.  That would be cruel.  I can, however, imagine a puppy dawg getting himself into such a predicament without any assistance at all  -- just too much curiousity.

I am still in the midst of trying to reconstruct my last year's tax return's medical expenses and charitable donations.  Revenue Canada has all the information sitting in front of them and yet they ask me to try to get copies of everything to prove that what they have in hand is true.  Oh, well, it has to be done, but it ain't easy -- let me tell you.

Anyway, this leaves me a bit befuddled and confused as I am no longer used to carrying around a lot of information in my short-term memory.  I hope what I have written tonight makes sense.  If it doesn't, please be understanding!

May peace be with you all.

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Deb said...

Taxes *groan*.
They have the originals, but need copies? Wow.