Thursday, 23 September 2010

Aeonium Additions

Remember when I said this back on September 12th: 
"I am working on another Aeonium at the moment which is quite different -- it has yellow flowers. I will be showing it to you before too long."

Well, this is the drawing with yellow flowers I was talking about.  This is Aeonium dodrantale.  As you may recall, I mentioned that genus name, Aeonium, comes from the ancient Greek word aionos which means "immortal".  Most of the various species are native to the Canary Islands. Some species are found in Madeira, Morocco and in eastern Africa.

Here is another interesting species with the name Aeonium goochiae.  Once again we have a plant of the same genus which looks totally different from all the other ones I have shown you -- except for the leaves.

I must say that I had a lot of fun with Aeonium goochiae.  First I tried a "solarization" process on it and came up with the following picture.

Then, not satisfied with that, I decided to try something called "colour reversal" and ended up with the following.  I really like the colours in this one -- such soothing shades of blue and green.

Finally tonight I want to show you some absolutely fascinating photos a friend sent to me.  This first picture is of a dam in Wyoming USA.  Looks pretty typical, doesn't it?

But then as you scroll down to the next two photos, you see what is really going on!

Here you have Big Horn Sheep out for a morning stroll across what looks like an almost perpindicular surface.  How do they do that?  Amazing.

Here is another angle of the same structure which gives an even more amazing view of their mountain climbing abilities.  Wow!

For those of you who live in the Toronto area, I understand that tomorrow may be our last hot day of the year -- hot and muggy -- before it all ends tomorrow night and we have a rather chilly weekend.  My advice is enjoy!

By the way, my Facebook account was compromised by some of those spam jerks.  All my friends on Facebook received a message, appearing to be from me, saying something stupid like "I have just lost 5 lbs. in the past 5 minutes" with a link that they hoped people would click on.  A few people did click on the link and now their name and picture is being used to send out the same stupid messages.  Ah, the joys of the cyber world...

Well, I have to forgive even spammers and I am working on that at the moment!

May peace and forgiveness be with us all. 

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Myhoneybee said...

In looking for info about the name of flower "Aeonium dodrantale" I found your comments and your beautiful paintings of it and others. Thank you so much! Now I learned aeonium=immortal in Greek and had chance to appreciate yor artistic interpretations of varius flowers. I loved the pictures of the big horn goat. Amazing! If you are using face book still (after your earlier problem), May I be your fb friends? I would be delighted to have an artist friend like you! Thanks! Youkang Liu from Hsinchu, Taiwan