Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aeonium Again

Remember the Black "Rose" I showed you back on August 28th?  Well, here are two relatives.  This first one (above) is Aeonium lancerottense of the family, Crassulaceae. 

Here is the same image which has been "solarized".  It is an interesting result but of no great matter.  As you know, I just enjoy playing with colour.

This is another Aeonium.  This one goes by the name of Aeonium nobile.  I am working on another Aeonium at the moment which is quite different -- it has yellow flowers.  I will be showing it to you before too long.

Now for a few more words on the genus Aeonium.  The name for these succulent plants comes from the ancient Greek word aionos which means "immortal".

Most of the various species are native to the Canary Islands.  Some species are found in Madeira, Morocco and in eastern Africa.

The two I have posted tonight are not nearly as attractive as the Black "Rose" I posted a few weeks ago, but I still find them interesting.  I have always been attracted to the succulents, but have rarely been able to keep them healthy.  At least with drawings the plants always look their best and don't need watering!

Here are a couple of recent photos of Suki.  She has insisted on perching on the bar between the kitchen and the living/dining area.  I fought her on this at first; however, I finally gave up as you can see.  She really likes to sit there and watch me working in the kitchen.  Of course, she never offers to help!

Here Suki is sitting on my desk.  She is busy watching the screen saver on my computer which features a little black and white kitten who runs around getting into mischief.  It moves so quickly that she fascinated by it.  I hope she never decides to try and catch it!

Finally, here is a photo that I really like.  Polar bears (and bears generally) are fascinating to me since they can be so human-like.  This photograph is so sweet.  The mother and child look so warm and comfy even though they are resting on top of the snow!

May the peace of God be with you all.


Deb said...

I wonder if they are called Aeonium because they are particularly long-lived? The solarized effect is very pretty.

As is Suki! What an intelligent look she has about her.

Sallie (Sarah) said...

Yes, Deb, Suki is very intelligent and difficult to fool. This means I have to work very hard sometimes in trying to break her of her few bad habits! You can see from the one photo how successful I have been thus far!! Of course, when she comes and snuggles with me, all is forgiven.

As for the reason the genus Aeonium was named "immortal", I have no information. However, I like your idea and it does make a lot of sense.

Thanks for commenting. S.T.