Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Our Lady of the Lilies

     Our Lady of the Lilies

I came across the original image that I worked from in the "drawing" of this icon on a website selling icons.  The title given there was "Blessed Mary -- the Eternal Blossom". 

I could not find any further information about the icon.  It is possible that it is simply of recent creation and has no history -- yet.  I decided, therefore, to rename it "Our Lady of the Lilies".  I find the most moving part of this icon to be the hands of Blessed Mary and Christ Jesus holding the flower stem which contains three blossoms in various stages of openness. 

     Our Lady of the Bread?

This next icon is Russian and what I am showing you here is a scan of the actual icon.  A friend of mine, who recently returned from Russia, kindly brought me this icon as a gift.  He is a very kind and generous person, but he is still struggling a bit with the English language.  I mention this because, while he brought me a brochure describing this icon, it is in Russian -- I know no Russian and my friend could not come up with the right English words in translation of the Russian.  He was able to tell me a bit of the story about the icon and why it is commonly known in Russia as the "Virgin of the Bread".

As best I could understand the story, there was a holy monk who worked in the monastery kitchen baking bread.  One day, while baking bread, he suddenly saw a vision of Our Lady with the Holy Child above the ovens.  There were other monks there at the time, I believe.  I am uncertain whether they saw the same vision or not and I am also uncertain when this all occurred.  At any rate, it was a miracle which resulted in a new icon being created.

I have tried to find information about this icon online by using the words "Russian" "icons" and "bread".  So far, I have gotten lots of recipes for Russian bread, but little else!  I have also searched through websites which feature Russian icons, but thus far I have not found this exact one.  If anyone out there has any suggestions or is able to read the Russian writing under the image of Our Lady or would like to see a copy of the brochure, please contact me at

     Autumn in Ontario

Can you believe it already looks like this up north?  I don't know if it actually does or not, but I suspect it does look a lot like this photograph.  I have no idea where this photo was taken, but it looks to me like northern Ontario in mid to late September.  Autumn is such a beautiful time of year -- so full of what are called "earth" tones and colours.

     Do you see what I see?  Do you hear what I hear?

I really like this cute cat photo.  As most people know, all it takes is the slightest movement, the least little noise for cats to "raise" their ears and focus their eyes.  They move those ears back and forth like moveable antennas while the pupils in their eyes narrow as they search the horizon.  Then they lock onto the source of the movement or sound while their tails twitch ever so slightly.  If it seems to be something worth pouncing upon, they crouch and wait for just the right moment.  As you can tell, I love watching cats. 

"Rise young Skywalker, you are now a Jedi knight!"

This is such an interesting dog photo.  The dog's position and posture is so unusual and does look almost human.  The child is just happy to have the dog's attention, it appears.

The original caption with this picture was "You are now one of us".  I thought about using that, but really wanted to make a reference to Jedi knights as that was the first thing that came to mind when I originally came across this photo online.
What would your caption be?

This is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows so I guess it is rather fitting that I am posting an icon of Our Lady although my icon doesn't look that sorrowful.  Anyway, this is my offering to Our Lord on His Mother's feast day.

May peace be with you all.

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