Monday, 25 October 2010

Holy Moses!

Here is my latest icon:  Saint Moses.  Actually, the Greek letters above "St. Moses" translate as "Holy Moses"!

Holy or Blessed Moses is well known to Christians, Jews and Muslims.  He was the one who gave us the Ten Commandments which have been a part of cultures and legal systems over many parts of the world for centuries.

As you can see, the icon contains the two major events in the life of St. Moses:  the meeting with God in the "bush that was burning but was not consumed" where God told Moses His name was I AM and the tablet on which God had written the Ten Commandments as Moses met with Him on Mount Sinai.  Moses, more than any other person we meet in Holy Scripture outside of Our Lord, spoke with God "face to face as with another man".

Blessed Moses even put in an appearance in the New Testament during the life of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown in the depiction of the Transfiguration above (Moses is the one with the brown hair!)

In this event, Jesus, in His transfigured state, is speaking with Moses and Elijah.  His disciples, Peter, James and John, have fallen back in fear and amazement.

I also want to show you a recent drawing I did of a succulent plant whose proper name is Dudleya lanceolata of the Family, Crassulaceae.  Its more common name is "lanceleaf liveforever"  It is native to the mountains of southern California and Baja California where it is found in rocky areas and slopes. 

The name Dudleya comes from the name of the Stanford University botany professor who classified it.  William Russel Dudley lived from 1849 to 1911.  The "lanceolata" part of the name comes from the Latin and refers to the lance-like shape of the leaves.

I think it is a lovely plant.  Sadly it is little known outside of it native territory.

Here is my funny software at work again!  I felt this would make a lovely ceramic bowl.


Here is a delightful photo of a friend of mine singing with the family dog.  That's the nice thing about photographs -- at this point in time rarely do they come with sound!  I can only imagine what this duet would sound like.

Here are two photos from my collection of dog and cat pictures. 

In this first one (above), we see the family pet welcoming the new baby.  I am not too certain that the baby is all that happy about being licked by a big, wet tongue!

Here we see what could be the same dog and child.  Now they have learned to commune much more gently.  No licking, just head to head with eyes closed -- happy to be together.  I really like this photograph.

Well, I may be in for a very exciting week.  There is a strong possibility that my sister and brother-in-law will arrive Wednesday morning for a visit.  The reason it remains uncertain is that they are flying standby as their daughter works for a major airline and if they travel standby, they travel for free!  So, I won't know for sure until some time Wednesday morning, but I feel very hopeful.  As my friend, Karen, often says: "I feel it in my bones"!  Of course, that just may be my arthritis acting up!  I will let you know what happened in my next posting.

May the peace of God be with you all.

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