Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kalanchoe -- Variations

This drawing and the next three are of a well-known potted plant by the name of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana of the family, Crassulaceae.  The plants in the Genus Kalanchoe are succulents of the same family as the Jade plant.

These plants are native to Madagascar and were introduced to the west in 1932 by Robert Blossfeld.  They produce clusters of small flowers above dark green, waxy leaves.  These four-petalled flowers range from red, white, orange, yellow and pink -- and shades in between.

These first three drawings are slight variations due to the use of different software.  The first one has a grainy look, a "snowy" look about it.  The second one, below, has a look of clarity about it. 

The third one (just below) has a different looking background, a harsher backgroud with more definition to the petals and leaves.

Finally, there is a small drawing of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana as it appears in its flowering form as a potted plant.  Another name for this plant is Christmas Kalanchoe as it is often purchased at Christmastime for its bright blossoms.

Next, are four photos of cats. 

The first two show that famous cat look that we all know so well.  The look of total concentration of whatever has caught its attention.  If the cat's interest continues to grow, the cat will quietly position itself properly.  Next there will be a slight wiggle of its back end as it readies itself to pounce.  Then... watch out!

The next two kitty photos show just the opposite.

Here we see two cats sleeping in the way that only cats can sleep.  The first one shows a kitty who got tired of playing with his ball of yarn and decided it would make a good pillow.  (Just a warning here:  never allow your cat to play with yarn without being constantly supervised. If they get the yarn too far into their mouths, they are unable to spit it out and will end up swallowing it.  You should never try to pull it out, but should take the cat immediately to the closest vet.)

I really like this next one as it shows a cat sleeping on top of a mouse!  Personally, I would think it would be an uncomfortable pillow, but then, as we all know, cats can sleep anywhere!

As for me, I am doing reasonably well for an old lady. 

Suki is doing extremely well.  I am still trying to break her of the habit of licking my hair when she wants me to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and feed her.  We have all heard of "cow licks", but now I not only have my usual "cow lick", but also "cat licks".  My hair looks really wierd now when I get up in the morning!

I hope that all of my Canadian readers have happy plans for Thanksgiving weekend this coming weekend.  I am not certain what I will be eating on Thanksgiving Day, but it will definitely not be Tofurkey!  Once was enough.  I will, instead, find some other vegetarian option that tastes good.

May God's peace be with you all.

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