Thursday, 21 October 2010

Orange Clockvine

Thunbergia gregorii, also known as Orange Clockvine, is a member of Family, Acanthaceae.   It is native to central Africa (i.e. Kenya) and some parts of Asia.  It got the name "clockvine" because the blossoms on this evergreen vine constantly turn towards the sun.  The flowers are mostly an intense orange colour.  They pop out of large, hairy buds with a showy brownish-maroon striping.  It is a continuous grower and will creep and crawl over everything  in sight!  It will survive temperatures slightly below freezing; however, if it gets too cold, the vine will appear to die.  I say "appear" because while the leaves and flowers will turn brown and wilt, the vine should gradually recover.  This is a hardy plant.

As usual, I could not resist playing with my drawing, using the software I have told you about before. 

The image above was made using a function called "colour balance".  I really like the results.  In fact, I almost like this version better than the drawing I did using a photograph of the actual plant.  I think I like this version so much because the colours of the flowers are so intense and the leaves have that deep purple-black colour. 

As I continued playing with this software, I also tried "solarization" again.  Above is the result.  I like it very much but still prefer the "colour balance" version.  What do you think?
Next I want to display some photographs from my collection.  These are of animals and their relationship with water.  Water is basic to all our lives but every creature deals with it differently!

First is a photo of a field mouse getting his daily fill of water by drinking the drops of dew off leaves of grass.  He is so small that he can easily satisfy his thirst by drinking dew!

Next is an animal who is quite at home in water.  This fellow seems to be encouraging everyone to wear their life jacket whenever they are out on the water -- just in case they end up in the water instead of on it!

Here we see viewers checking on fish who need water most of all since they must be in water in order to breathe.  On the right we see a young girl who is seriously interested in watching the fish swimming in their aquarium.  On the left, we see a cat who, no doubt, is more interested in figuring out how he can get one of those wiggly things into his mouth than he is in observing how they swim!

Finally, we have a photo of a cat who must not have ever heard that cats do not like water anywhere except in their water dishes!  Also, this cat appears to be quite stoned as she slurps the water while lying on her back and showing off all her private parts!  My diagnosis is too much catnip.  She should be cut off of the weed immediately.  No more catnip for this little kitty.

I have had a very busy day, but a very enjoyable one.  I had the pleasure of visiting with one friend at noon and another at 4 p.m. -- both of whom I have not seen for some time.  I did have to attend our AGM tonight in the co-op, but it was not too bad as meetings go plus I did get to say hello to neighbours I had not seen for some time. 

May peace fill your heart and may it flow from your heart to all those around you.

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