Saturday, 4 December 2010

Prophet and Forerunner

I started thinking about drawing another image of St. John the Baptist several months ago.  I was already thinking about Advent and the coming of Christmas and how St. John the Baptist is such an integral part of God's plan for the birth of the Messiah. 

You may recall the icon I drew of the Baptism of Jesus with St. John the Baptist -- the one I used for the first Luminous Mystery of the Rosary.  Well, this time I decided to do a drawing of St. John's head.  I have seen many older icons of St. John the Baptist which seem stark and yet appealing.  That was what I attempted to accomplish here.  You will have to be the judge!

The Pharisees asked him: "Why then are you baptizing if you are neither the Messiah, nor Elijah, nor the prophet?"  John answered them, "I baptize with water, but among you stands one whom you do not know, the one who is coming after me; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal."

Now I want to show you a recent drawing of Calochortus uniflorus of the family of Liliaceae.  There are a number of species under the genus Calochortus and some argue that it should have its own family which would be named Calochortaceae.  However, this has not happened thus far and so the genus with all its species remains under the "Lily Family" -- Liliaceae

This lovely flower is more commonly known as Star Tulip, Pink Star Tulip or Mariposa Lily.  It is native to California and Oregon.  Interestingly, the name Calochortus is composed of two Greek words:  "kalo" which means beautiful and "chortos" which means grass.  The species name uniflorus means, obviously, "single-flowered".

As usual, I could not resist playing with the image on my special software!  This view occurs when I choose the option called "colour inversion".  I actually like it almost as much as the original.  What do you think?

Let me show you, now, a couple of interesting animal photos.  They appear to have been taken in a petting zoo.  I really don't like the whole idea of zoos; however, I see the need for them in this modern world when almost every creature seems in danger of extinction! 

Here we see a rabbit either kissing a fawn or maybe whispering in the fawn's ear.  I do not know exactly what is going on other than the two animals seem to be very comfortable with each other and that the bunny seems very fond of the fawn!

Here are the same two animals in what I would say is an even friendlier pose.  I still can't help but feel that the rabbit is whispering information into the fawn's ear.  Perhaps, since the fawn seems to be separated from its mother, the bunny, being older and wiser, is trying to teach the fawn about how life works in a petting zoo.

Interestingly, I drew a picture three years ago of a rabbit and a deer for my Christmas card.  As I recall, I got the idea from some photos that were circulating at the time showing a friendship between a deer and a rabbit -- both of whom appeared to be living freely rather than being caged.

I think I told you that I am working on a new book -- a colouring book!  Actually this is a colouring book for older children as well as adults.  I have taken a number of fairly simple icons and removed the colour so that only the impression of the drawing is left.  Then on the page opposite, I have a small image of the actual icon so that the person who wishes to colour the icon can see what the colours and designs actually look like.  As well, the page contains information about the history of the saint.  There will also be a section in the beginning of the book on the meaning of certain items that appear in icons as well as a colour chart which will explain what each of the colours mean when used in an icon.  I hope to get it finished in the next few weeks as I can then take advantage of a free printing offer from Blurb.  We'll see.

Suki continues to do ridiculously funny things that keep me laughing.  For example, I was given a lovely new pillow on Friday (an early birthday gift).  This pillow is the softest thing I think I have ever felt with a furry texture to the cover.  Well, when I came home after meeting my friend, I put the pillow on my recliner and went in the kitchen to fix me a bit of lunch.  I suddenly noticed that Suki was no where to be seen and things were suspiciously quiet.  I quickly went into the bedroom and there she was... earnestly grooming my new pillow!  I can only hope she did not remove too much of the furry fabric with her rough tongue.  Now I have to remember to put the pillow in places she can't reach and then remember to take it out when I want to have a nap as it is quite a heavenly softness on which to rest your head.

May the peace of God be with you all.

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