Monday, 3 January 2011

First Post, 2011


As indicated by the subheading, there are three drawings of flowers "left over" from 2010.  They never got posted either because I could not find out enough information about the plant to satisfy myself or because each drawing was not pleasing enough to me to stand alone for the main focus of the post.  So, now I want to publish them before I forget them!

The drawing above is called "Kaffir Lilies".  The unpleasant word "Kaffir" tells me that the plant probably grows in South Africa.  There are two other plants which are sometimes called Kaffir Lilies and I have shown them to you in the past.  They are Clivia and Schizostylis.  As I stated when showing you Schizostylis, I did not even want to use the word "Kaffir" as it is repugnant to me -- it was the derogatory word used for black people in South Africa by the whites prior to the end of Apartheid.

Anyway, there is really no information about a Morning Glory-type flower, probably a vine, that is called Kaffir Lily.  I found the photograph that I worked from in an online group of photos from amateurs and this was the only name given.  I really like the look of the blossoms and leaves, but I do not know enough about botany to be able to identify a possible Family or Genus from these as real botanists can do.  So, you will just have to accept them as they are without knowing anything about their history.  Try to just enjoy the drawing as a pleasant expression of flowers!  That is the best that I can do at this point.

This next drawing is one that I was able to identify and then find usable information on.  The name of this plant is Anthurium scherzerianum of the Family Araceae.
Anthurium scherzerianum is one of over one thousand species in the genus Anthurium.  The common names for the plant are Flamingo Flower and Noodle Snacks (I prefer Noodle Snacks myself!).  The plant is one of only two scarlet/orange red in the genus, Anthurium.  This species is native, only, to Costa Rica at elevations of 1,300 to 2,100 m.  The plant may either grow on trees or on the ground.

Finally, there is Lilium auratum.  It is one of the true lilies.  This one is native to Japan and is sometimes called the Golden-Rayed Lily of Japan or the Goldband Lily.  These golden rays appear more greenish-gold in my drawing, but that is how the colour appeared to me in the photos that I worked from.  I actually think that this may be a variation of L. auratum which is called Lilium auratum var. virginale.  If so, this would account for the difference in the colour of the "rays".
Now that I have dealt with the "left overs" from 2010, I will move on to animal friendships.

Unusual Friends

First, there is a most unusual friendship expressed here between a cat and a parrot.  The parrot is all snuggled up to the sleeping cat without any apparent fear or concern.  It is really a very sweet picture.

Next, we have a photo of a dog with a new-found friend -- it looks a bit like a baby Robin to me.  At any rate, the bird appears to have bonded with the dog as it is showing no fear.  I wonder if this developed into a long-term relationship or if it was just a summer romance!  8-)

Here we have a photo of a dog with a young owl.  The owl seems to have adopted the dog and has it mouth open in the posture young birds assume when expecting their parents to feed them.  I am not sure how this dog handled this desire by the youngster to eat.  Maybe he was willing to share his dog food.  The dog appears to be enduring a relationship that he cannot escape!

Here is a young goat who appears to have adopted a nice, big dog for its protector.  Once again, I am not too sure that the dog is pleased by this arrangement but appears to be tolerating it for now.  After all, most creatures will put up with a great deal from the young of almost any species -- until they get older and better able to take care of themselves.

Here we have a dog and a donkey who have apparently adopted each other.  They can both benefit from this relationship, especially the dog, as she seems to really be enjoying getting "groomed" by the donkey!

And speaking of grooming, we have this final photo of a dog who appears to have adopted a fawn and now is busy caring for her.  The first step, of course, is to give the fawn a good wash.  I am not sure what comes next -- perhaps they will both have a nap!

The Last Word

For the final word in this photo essay, I have posted a picture of a puppy sound asleep firmly inside someones sandal.  He reminds me of how I often found myself on a number of New Year's mornings many years ago.  I would awaken in the strangest positions having crashed into bed around 2 a.m. after a night of New Year's Eve revelry!  Can any of you relate?  From this perspective, those were definitely not the "good ol' days"!!

So as we begin this New Year of 2011, I pray that all of us will be blessed in the days ahead and that we will all experience frequently that peace which passes understanding.
Peace be with you.

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I've always liked "Left Overs" and this is no exception. I really, really like the looks, etc. of your new blog site.