Thursday, 20 January 2011

Water Lily Plus

Tonight's offering is another Water Lily.  I came across the photo, which I used as my model for this drawing, while browsing through online sites about medicinal uses for various plants.  Unfortunately, the photo did not include any information about which particular type of water lily was portrayed.  As you know, I have drawn a number of different types of water lilies and lotus blossoms but this one does not look like any of those. 

What attracted me to it in the first place was the intricate design in the centre of the plant.  If anyone out there has any idea which type of water lily I have drawn or where I might look to possibly find a labelled example of it, please send me your information.  Remember, my email is or you can leave me a message in the comments section of this blog.

The sky with clouds was not easy for me to achieve on the computer so you can see what I ended up with.  I think it gives an interesting impression of sky and clouds.  Any comments?

Of course, I could not resist playing with the image.  Below you see what happened when I applied the "solarization" software to my drawing.  I think those black petals are rather attractive.  The image, however, looks a bit like something from an alternate universe!

Now for another creative effort on my part.

You may recall me showing a photo or two of my friends' (Hylott and Patsy) dog, Sir Yerby.  He is still just a youngster and so very handsome already.  Well, recently they sent me a bunch of photos under the heading of "Yerby vs. "Big Foot" . . . . . Mortal Combat Between The Two!!!"

I enjoyed looking at the photos and as I was looking, the idea for a "story board" took shape in my brain.  Immediately, I set about creating it and sent it off to Hylott and Patsy.  I have included it for you to peruse.  To really enjoy it, you will need to click on it so that it becomes large enough for you to read the "clever" comments I placed under each photo. 

Now I want to show you some funny bear photos I came across recently.  Polar Bears are actually my favourites of the Bruin clan, but I do enjoy other bear photos as well especially when they show the bears being lazy!  This is probably what attracted me to the first of these bear photos.

This big fella looks as though he spent the past couple of hours salmon fishing and is now exhausted from catching and eating all those fish.  If you have ever seen those nature shows which photograph bears fishing during the salmon run, you know what great fishermen (should that be fisherbears?) they are.  They are also very good at stuffing their faces!

Next we have a photo of what appears to be two males fighting over a female.  One male is larger and older, even sporting an big scar from an old wound on his right thigh.  The younger male is not nearly as heavy as the older bear and probably has no chance of winning the fight unless the older guy does something foolish or gets tired.  The female, meanwhile, sits passively waiting for the outcome.  She almost looks bored by it all.  I wonder if she has a preference?

I really like this photo.  Hopefully I haven't shown it to you already.  If so, you will just get to enjoy it again!

The mother is looking with great interest into the opening of an igloo and she must know that there is no chance she could ever make it through that small opening!  The babies, meanwhile, look as though they would just like to move on to someplace else.  No doubt the smell of humans is making them very nervous. 

What delights me most about the photo, I think, is the way the mother has her bum stuck way up in the air in an effort to get her face as low to the ground as possible.  This aspect of the photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Nothing new to report from the home front.  I continue to do my usual activities and Suki continues to wake me up far too often in an effort to get me to feed her in the middle of the night!  Speaking of feeding Suki, I do make an effort to keep her feeling reasonably full during the time I wish to sleep; however, if I put her food down just before I go to bed, she eats her fill then but seems to forget she has leftover food in her dish!  Often, when she manages to awaken me enough to get me out of bed, I will go into the kitchen only to find she has plenty of food left in her dish.  When I show her this food, she eats it very happily and I am allowed to return to bed. 

I really wonder about this cat of mine -- why can't she remember that she has food in her bowl?  Sometimes she even loses me!  I will be working at my desk and she will be sleeping in the other room.  Suddenly, she wakes up and begins to cry pitiably until she finds me.  Upon finding me, she must be held and cuddled until she is ready to get down and go on her way.  I wonder if she was dropped on her head when she was a baby kitten -- maybe her mother was a first-time mom and didn't know how to carry her babies properly!  Ah, well, this too shall pass.

And so I ask, may that peace which passes all understanding be with us now and always.

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