Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mallow Yellow!

Malope trifida 'Vulcan' - Annual Mallow -hue correction
The image above is not the actual flower as it appears in nature, but, rather, a copy of the "natural" image which has been altered by my famous (infamous) software -- this option is "hue correction".  I had to put it first, however, because I wanted to use a silly pun as my title!  Did you know that I really like silly puns?  Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, I will go ahead and tell you about Malope trifida 'Vulcan' commonly known as "Annual Mallow".

Malope trifida 'Vulcan' - Annual Mallow  --  natural colours
Here is my drawing of the real thing!

Malope trifida 'Vulcan' of the family, Malvaceae, is known in English as Annual Mallow.  It is a cultivar of  Malope trifida Cav.   The distribution of the wild species of the genus is centred on the Mediterranean -- particularly Spain and North Africa. 

Most of us are familiar with a plant by the name of Rose Mallow.  Malope trifida is superficially similar to the Rose Mallow but differs from it in many important ways.  Which is why Rose Mallow is of the genus Lavatera while this flowering plant is of the genus Malope.  The catalogues describe the Common Mallow flowers as "deep magenta-pink flowers with a vivid green eye at the centre".  I hope I have captured that image in my drawing.

Malope trifida 'Vulcan' - Annual Mallow  -- solarization
 This final image of the flower was created using the software choice called "solarization".  It gives another interesting look, but, in my opinion, doesn't come close to the "beauty" of Mallow Yellow!

One of the funniest things I came across in my research on this plant was a page with the botanical descriptions of the stem, leaves and fruit of this plant.  When I read what they had to say about the fruit, I just knew I had to share it with all of you.  So here it is...

You can easily see, of course, that the seed pods, together, are a "globose schizocarp, composed of many single seeded mericarps".   What I think they are saying is that the seed pods are gathered together in a globe-shaped bunch and that each of those round things in the bunch contain a single seed!  How does that sound?

Moving on, I want to show you four beautiful photographs by a photographer named Patrick Notley.  As you will see, Patrick does quality work, both technically and artistically.  Patrick, by the way, is a man wearing the label of "autistic".  How interesting that when it comes to art, labels don't matter. 

Sea Gull Landing -- showing reflection
Owl looking surprised

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Winter Sunset
Even though the fourth photo entitled "Winter Sunset" is a depressing reminder of what is still ahead of us folks who live in the north, it remains my favourite of the four.  I am always most attracted by shades of gold, red and orange.

Finally, I want to show you a photograph (artist unknown) that makes me feel very comforted (and I feel the need of a bit of comfort tonight as I recover from a migraine which probably resulted from the dramatic change in the weather we have experienced over the past couple of days).  Actually, the problem with this photograph is that the mama and baby are lying on top of the snow.  I just pretend that it is very warm snow and so the image still works for me!

Nothing like having a safe place!
Suki has enjoyed having me home all day, but, even so, she is already trying to suggest that it is time for bed!  Who would have thought that I would end up with a cat who is concerned about my bedtime!

Speaking of cats and bedtimes, I almost forgot that I wanted to introduce you to the cat that just recently came to live with my friend, Eugene.  You may recall that I included an essay by Eugene in my posting on "Holy Rachel".  Anyway, he surprised me recently by announcing the presence of Desiree in his home -- after the recent death of his long-lived Siamese, Eugene had been saying that he would probably wait a year before thinking about getting another cat and it had not been anywhere close to a year!

So, after all that preparatory information, let me introduce you to Miss  Desiree of the House of Eugene!

Desiree also known as "Desi"

Isn't she lovely?  It has been reported that Eugene is really quite a dangerous man with a vacuum cleaner so I am hoping and praying that Desi will watch her tail carefully! 8-)

May the peace of God be with you all.

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