Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tulipa humilis Albocaerula Oculata

Tulipa humilis Albocaerula Oculata -- Colour Intensification
Here we have a beautiful little flower of the genus, Tulipa (Tulip); family, Liliaceae.  The species name is T. humilis var. Albocaerula Oculata which would indicate that it is a cultivar.  I am a bit uncertain about all this as there is very little detailed information on this beautiful plant.  By the way, the picture I am showing you above is one made from my original drawing and then altered a bit by my infamous software!

Tulipa humilis Albocaerula Oculata -- original
Here you see the original drawing with its more natural colours. 

I am still trying to figure out the meaning of the various names used for this flower.  Tulipa humilis is Dwarf Tulip, but the rest of the name is too difficult for me.  I know that Albocaerula is something-blue and Oculata is of the eyes, but I can't quite put it all together.  If any of you folks out there know more Latin than I do, please help me out here.

Anyway, as I said, there is very little information on the web about this particular plant as it is lumped in with all the tulips -- and as is the case with many of these variations, they are mainly only of interest to those who sell bulbs or who like to have unusual flowers in their gardens.  Let me just tell you what I was able to find.

A blogger writes: "Tulipa humilis 'Albocaerula Oculata' or 'Blue-eyed Wildflower Tulip' with its large open white flower with blue tinged centre is perhaps one of the most stunning Tulipa species we have seen ( but not yet grown). Growing to 6-8" and flowering in spring Tulipa humilis 'Albocaerula Oculata' is rare, stunning and most likely expensive if you can find them."

And from another blogger, we read: "Surely one of the most beautiful and sought after dwarf tulips is Tulipa humilis 'Albocaerula Oculata' - that stunning colour combination of a large flower with a short stem is just perfection."

There you have it -- this is all I know so far.  I will keep looking as it is a truly lovely flower.  Just below is what this flower looks like before the petals open. 

Tulipa humilis var. pulchella Albocaerula Oculata -- unopened
Unopened, the flower looks a lot more like a tulip than it does in full bloom.  As well, there is no sign of that beautiful blue at this stage of development.

Next I want to show you some of my latest Polar Bear photos.  I do love these clowns of the bear world -- although like all bears, they are anything but clowns in real life.  Anyway, all three of these photos made me smile.

"Hmmm, shall I have a massage or a manicure next"
All bears seem to love to take baths and Polar Bears most of all.  This fellow has his own jacuzzi.  Although the water looks cold and not warm, I am sure this character likes it that way!

Aren't I just the most lovable little thing!
The young of almost all mammals are adorable (one reason why it is almost impossible to have any sympathy for those people who make their living killing baby seals!).  The big eyes, the vulnerable look, all remind us of babies and we are just naturally programmed to protect babies -- well, most of us are anyway.  I would rather not think about those sick, sick people who take pleasure in hurting babies -- so we will leave it at that

Why me?  All the other females have 2 cubs!
Normally, an adult female Polar Bear will have no more than two cubs -- one male and one female.  This poor lady has three rambunctious youngsters and seems to indeed be saying: "why me?"  I would think it more difficult to care for and keep alive three babies which may be the reason they normally have no more than two per litter.
Well, there are no polar bears at my house, just one very tired and clingy cat!  Yes, Suki has had a very traumatic day.  I had a new couple starting their marriage preparation course today and the young lady is very allergic to cats.  So, while they were here, Suki had to go and visit her Aunt Sharon.  Now Aunt Sharon is a very kind and generous-hearted lady, but it made no difference to Suki.  She crawled under her sofa and stayed there until I came and pulled her out an hour and a half later.  When I got her home, she was starving and then after eating, she would not let me out of her sight.  She is very tired as she keeps falling into a deep sleep but suddenly awakens and immediately starts crying for me.  Poor baby... she does not know, thank goodness, that she will have to go through this 5 more times before this particular couple has finished the course!

As for me, I am doing well -- looking forward to Sunday Mass tomorrow and then going to the gym in the afternoon.  I am also looking forward to getting to meet Eugene's new kitten, Desi, this coming week!

I pray that everyone who reads this posting will be blessed by some aspect of it -- finding something interesting or something that makes them smile. 
May the peace of God be with you all.

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