Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lilium dauricum

Lilium dauricum -- Inversion
Here is another Lilium -- and a very strange one it is. This time instead of showing you the original drawing first, I am showing you the result of the software technique called "inversion".  I think it makes a stunningly beautiful design -- much more effective in my view than the original drawing which you can see below.

As you know from past postings, this plant is called Lilium -- this particular one is Lilium dauricum of the family, Liliaceae.  Normally, this plant looks like a normal lily with the six petals curving upward forming more of a cup shape.  (see the example)

Lilium dauricum in full bloom

I decided that I wanted to draw the plant when it was almost ready to drop its petals.  Also, I wanted to make it less like a flower than I normally do.  I actually started drawing the flower on the right, but then came across a photo similar to the one I ended up drawing.  I found the centre so fascinating in its different patterns that I wanted it to be the main focus of the picture.  Now, I am not sure how I feel about the resulting drawing -- all I know is that I like the manipulated image more than I like my original drawing.  What does that say about me?

Lilium dauricum -- original drawing
Now after spending some time working with this drawing, I have decided that I need to go back and remove the lines around each one of the little "spots" on the petals.  The border makes the spot stand out too much and I feel that detracts from the pattern in the centre of the flower.  So, I will do some revision on my original drawing; meanwhile, I will enjoy looking at the "inversion"!  I hope you enjoy it as well.


Now, on to a bit of foolishness.  Like most people who don't have to live with them, I am extremely fond of Polar Bears.  The people who have to share space with them in the far north feel a bit differently, I understand.  I might too if they were always getting into the local garbage dump and strewing garbage all over town!  

Anyway, I do find their antics laughable and so I collect photos of them doing silly things.  I have selected the following to show you in this posting.

My All-Time Favourite Funny Polar Bear Photo!
I have shown you this photo previously, but it is my favourite -- so you are getting to see it again!  I never look at this photo without chuckling and thinking to myself "you silly Polar bear".  Of course, considering the position he is in, he might be saying something a bit more colourful back to me!

Now that is one tired bear
This is such an amazing photo.  I mean how tired do you have to be before you use a pile of ice for a pillow and go to sleep with your back side pointing upward while you feet are not even relaxed?  The photo makes me think of people who have had too much to drink and pass out anywhere while keeping one foot firmly on the floor so that the bed won't keep moving!  Not that I would know about such things personally! 8-)

I'm having my nails done next
I think Polar bears remind me of cats in that whatever they are doing, they are totally involved and enjoying every moment like this hefty lady here.  OK, I am not really sure it is a lady, but the image works better that way somehow!

Well, my money is on Pittsburgh

This group really does remind me of a bunch of guys sitting around watching the Super Bowl.  I would not be surprised to find a remote under that outstretched paw!  All they need now are a couple of pizzas and a case of beer and the photo would be complete.

You keep playing; I think I will just lie down for a while

First of all it is amazing to me to see a Polar bear and a sled dog playing together, but I guess it happens more than we southern Canadians realize.  But then to see a photo of that big bear which would make half a dozen plus sled dogs just lying there resting with its belly side up...  If only humans who view the world from different perspectives could get along so well!

But what if you get stuck, Mama
Here is another one I have shown you recently, but I just enjoy it so much that I wanted to share it again.  That big lady looks like she really thinks she could fit through that hole somehow, getting inside where that food smell is coming from.  I wonder how it feels to be inside and suddenly realize your only escape route is blocked by a huge Polar bear who is snuffling excitedly just outside your door?


Speaking of cats reminds me that I plan to include some exciting new photos of Desi -- this is the kitten I have shown you previously that was recently adopted by my friend Eugene -- and I must say that the photos are really quite excellent.  Stayed tuned for this as well.

Finally tonight I want to show you a new photo I recently acquired.  After Polar bears, my next favourite animal for providing me with laughs is the delightful Panda. 

Ain't I just the cutest thing ever?

Well, that's enough foolishness for tonight.  I need to go and rest myself ... it will soon be time for another 4 hour feeding!

May the peace of God be with us all.

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