Friday, 1 April 2011

Lilium nanum v flavidum

Lilium nanum v flavidum
Happy April Fool's Day!  I did not play any tricks on anyone today -- probably the first time ever -- and more amazingly, no one played any tricks on me!  Maybe when you get old, people don't want to risk giving you a heart attack.  The reason I didn't do anything is that I completely forgot it was April 1st until I was already home for the evening.  I guess I could have tried playing a trick on Suki, but I really don't think cats celebrate April Fool's Day!

Anyway, on to the drawing shown above.  As you can see from the name, this is another Lilium.  I think I only have one more of these I want to draw.  These plants have been an amazing discovery for me as I never realized the variety in which they grow all over the planet.  In fact, the one I am currently working on is the most intricate of any of the members of this genus I have seen thus far.

This plant is called Lilium nanum v flavidum of the family, Liliaceae.  As you can see from the name, it is a variation of Lilium nanum.  Lilium nanum is an alpine species native to the Himalayas and is a short plant, measuring between 7 to 15 inches (16 to 34 cm).  Lilium nanum v flavidum is similar in size but face outward and downward and never open very widely.  It is considered an early bloomer in the Himalayas, flowering in late June to early July. The colour varies from a pale cream (as in my drawing) to a pale yellow.

And for once, I did not make any unusual copies of this drawing using my infamous software.  Instead I decided just to stick with my basic drawing.  This plant, in my opinion, is certainly not very striking; however, I was originally attracted to this plant by the feelings of simplicity and peacefulness it gives with its soft colour and humbly downward-dropping flowers.  I hope I have been able to convey some sense of those feelings in my drawing.


Now, moving on to my photos for this posting.  The pictures are of bears, the grizzly kind.  There are lots of youngsters and a few somewhat befuddled adults!  Let me show you what I mean...

Here we see a mother bear with quadruplets!  Remember the Polar bears I showed you recently where a mother had three instead of the usual one or two.  Well, this big lady has four!  To me it looks as though she is just totally confused about how this happened as her babies play happily around her.  I find her feet amusing as they seem to be sticking out between her youngsters in a rather haphazardly fashion!

Here is another (or the same) mother with her quads.  They appear to all be quiet for the moment as they gaze at something in the distance.  Even now, though, they still make me laugh as I can see one of the quads very nonchalantly resting his hand on the head of his sibling.  What clowns they appear to be and how difficult that must be for a single mother!

Here is a photo of bears of the same age playing at climbing trees.  These two could easily be two of the four!

This could easily be the mother who finally got a few free moments with at least two of the quads off tree climbing -- and then what happens?!  A bee parks on her nose and when she tries to swat it away, it stings her!  Isn't that the way it often goes?  Oh, well, I guess even bears should try to give thanks in all things!  I do get a bit fanciful at times, don't I?

Finally, I am including a photo I came across recently.  I really like imagining that all those towels have just come in from hanging in the warm sunshine.  Once folded they make a perfect bed for a sleepy kitten.  You know how cats love to be really warm.  All I have to do is look at this picture and I feel like taking a snooze!

I can't believe how long it has taken me to finish this posting.  I started it last night on April Fool's Day and here I am finally finishing it on Saturday afternoon.  I just got too tired to finish last night and then today I had marriage preparation class -- I spent the morning getting ready and the afternoon teaching and now I finally have time to finish this post!

BTW, today is the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II.  In just 4 more weeks, he will be declared Blessed.  I wish I could be in Rome when it happens.  Ah, well ... thank goodness for electronic media.
May the peace of God be with us all.

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