Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tulipa Salmon Impression

Tulipa Salmon Impression drawing by Sallie Thayer

This won't be a very long post as I am not feeling too great these days; however, I did want to show you one of my latest flower drawings.  This cultivar named Tulip Salmon Impression (Tulipa of the Family, Liliaceae) is one of the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen.  You may have seen a similar photograph of this flower on a large poster.  The photo cuts off the edges of the petals.  I wanted to do a drawing similar to the photo, but with the entire flower and some leaves as well.  This drawing causes me to feel a great deal of satisfaction when I look at it.

The Salmon Impression tulips are from a group called Darwin Hybrid Tulips.  These are a hybridization of Single Late Tulips and Fosteriana Tulips. (Otherwise, known as Emperor Tulips). Darwin Hybrid Tulips feature giant flowers on sturdy stems, and are the tallest class of tulips (22-24 inches tall).  It must be a breathtaking site to see a garden full of the tall tulips in this beautiful shade of "salmon".


Next, I want to show you 4 beautiful photographs which I captured from a pps I was sent this week.  For those of you not interested in things religious, feel free to skip to the end!

These photographs of the tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ seem to me to be a very suitable for viewing on Easter Sunday.
I have been to the tomb of Our Lord in Jerusalem.  It is found in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  It is clear from historical documents that this massive church does, indeed, cover the area of Golgotha (a hill where Jesus was crucified) as well as the tomb given to him by a wealthy follower.  Over the centuries, however, the church has been almost destroyed a number of times during the various periods where the Ottoman Turks and other Muslim groups were in power.  Of course, the "Christians" were doing similar things to Muslim shrines, so I guess it all equalled out in the end.  As well, wealthy Christians over the centuries, wanting to do something significant for God, have seen to it that almost every bit of original stone and earth has been covered over by gold and other valuable metals.  So, if you want to see how things might have looked at the time of Christ, you must go to the Protestant shrine a few blocks away; but if you want to touch the stones touched by Our Lord, you go to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Entrance into the tomb of Jesus; photographer looking out into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Ancient icon of Our Lady; this image faces you as you enter the tomb

Ornate wall above the place where Jesus lay; behind all the gilding is real Jerusalem rock

The actual slab upon which the body of Our Lord lay in death, but now the tomb is empty, Alleluia!

The slabs of stone that were the resting place for His body are cut into sections.  The reason for this was so that if a Muslim raid was occurring, the Christians could grab individual stones and cart them away to be hidden until better times.  I think that these stones are the only reliable relics in the tomb (other than the stone wall of the original tomb which you can only touch by reaching your hand through a small opening in the sheets of "gold"). 

There are, however, many true relics throughout this almost unbelievably massive church.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go there and touch those holy stones.

Let me close tonight by giving you a treat.  Below are two photos of my friend, Eugene's, beautiful cat named Desi (short for Desiree).  I posted a couple of pictures back when he first brought her home, but here she is now -- very much in charge of things as she sits in her cat condo.  As usual with cats, she heads for the highest part of the condo where she can survey her kingdom!

Desi being pensive (or is she planning a surprise attack on Eugene?)

Desi surveys her kingdom from atop her excellent cat condo.
 Well, this posting turned out to be regular length after all.  If seems that once I get started I have a difficult time stopping no matter how I feel!

May the peace of God be with us all.

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