Thursday, 5 May 2011

Erythronium sibericum

Erythronium sibericum
My drawing for tonight is Erythronium sibericum.  I have not been able to find a common name for this plant.  As you can see by its name, it is found in Siberia so maybe I need to be looking for a common name in Russian!  Anyway, I came across the following on a web site.  I do not know who wrote it, but I think you will find it interesting.

Erythroniums are members of a group of hardy spring flowers in the Liliaceae family. There are, however, other more pleasing monikers. Many of the American vernacular names reflect the plant’s early flowering season: fawn lily, trout lily, avalanche lily. The genus name Erythronium, refers to the Greek and Latin words for red-flowering [having to do with the red dye that can be made from the bulb]. It transmutes itself into various shapes and forms as it marches eastward across Eurasia and into the highlands of Japan. The most northern continental population of this species, E. sibericum, is one of the hardiest, tolerating very low temperatures.

You may recall that some time last year I posted a drawing of Erythronium japonicum (the variety found in Japan) and gave a bit of information about it.  I have posted it below so that you can see the similarities and the differences.

Erythronium japonicum

Tonight I would like to show you three photos of swans I have collected.

This first photo does not look like a photo anymore because I took the photo and applied my special software to it -- specifically, the paint application.  It was a beautiful photograph and, I think, it has ended up being a beautiful "painting".

Swan Song -- photo by Neville (painter software applied)

These next two photographs are ones that I have very pleasing.  The first one is a beautiful example of swan mothering.

Swan mother keeping her young safe and dry

This final swan photograph I like because of the unusual perspective and the intense reflections.

Swan and Sky Reflections

Nothing new to say about myself or Suki.  She is sleeping very deeply at the moment and every so often her tail will twitch quite wildly!  I wonder if she is dreaming that she has finally caught that pigeon that taunts her each day outside the bedroom window!

Speaking of sleeping, I think it must be time for me to start preparing to head in the direction of my bed.  I will leave you with a sweet photo all about sleep...

  May the peace of God be with us all.

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