Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lavatera the First

Lavatera maritima drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer

Lavatera maritima (Tree mallow) - This is a large mounding evergreen fast-growing shrub that grows to 6-8 feet tall and 8-12 feet wide. The gray-green leaves are lobed. The light lavender/pink flowers have deep lavender centers and deep lavender veins radiating from the centers. These flowers bloom year-round in moderate climates and the peak bloom period is early spring to late fall.

L. maritima belongs to the family Malvaceae (Mallows). It originated in the European Mediterranean area. A similar plant with larger flowers is known as Lavatera maritima bi-colour but this variety is probably a cultivar of L. maritima. 

Lavatera maritima drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer (Hue Correction)

Here is an example of what happens when I apply the software called "hue correction".  Suddenly the leaves are blue and the previously deep lavender parts of the petals are now olive green!

Lavatera maritima drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer (Colour Balance)

Here you can see what happens when I choose the software called "colour balance".  Everything becomes darker and the leaves and flowers take on a deep purple tone.

Both these variations are interesting, but neither does anything special with the original drawing as far as I am concerned.  The flowers are quite beautiful enough just the way God made them!

I did another drawing of Water Lilies which I want to show you.  I keep trying to draw the perfect water lilies just as I keep trying to draw the perfect Calla Lilies.  I don't think I am ever going to accomplish this, but the desire remains sufficient to keep me at it over and over again.  You, as my faithful reader, however, have to keep seeing every new attempt!

Water Lilies a drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer


Now for a quick visit to the tulip fields of The Netherlands.  The following photos were sent to me at the end of May and I meant to show them to you in my last posting for May since these pictures were taken in the month of May.

I simply cannot imagine how glorious it would be to see these fields of tulips for real and not just in photos.  I react so positively to bright colours so I think I would probably feel as though I had just stepped into the portals of Heaven!

Here are 4 photographs for your enjoyment.

The Netherlands in May -- 1

The Netherlands in May -- 2

The Netherlands in May -- 3

The Netherlands in May -- 4


Nothing new to report on the home front.

I did see the doctor again today and it was decided that I would see another specialist about my poor neck.  I think we are running out of options and so I may just have to accept the fact of living with my neck bent over and looking at the world sideways!  It is not my favourite thing, but if this is how God wants me to live out my years, it is OK with me.  After all, He is in charge and I trust Him to know what He is doing!

You see below a beautiful photograph of snails.  This now represents me!  A good friend tells me that I now look more like a snail than like a giraffe (you may remember my telling you about being nicknamed "The Giraffe" when I was much younger because I had such a long neck).  I really don't mind being compared to a snail now.  Other than the slimy trail they leave, I have always liked snails and admired their beautiful shell "houses" that they carry with them.  Carrying your house with you has always seemed to me to be a very sensible thing to do.


I also go about as slowly as a snail these days when I am walking with my rollator/walker.  (Of course, it is a very different story when I am in my wheelchair!)  Hopefully no one will grab me up and try to turn me into escargot!

Suki is sound asleep so I can't ask her if she has anything she wants to add to all this.  She had a big supper and I think this is one of those long sleeps that seem to happen to her after a big meal.  Cats truly know how to live.
May the peace of God be with us all.


Sallie (Sarah) said...

I forgot to tell you why I called this posting "Lavatera the First". I used this heading because I have a couple of other drawings of Lavatera underway! 8-) You will be seeing all of them eventually.

G-man said...

Hello Sallie,

Love your work. Sent you an email about permission to use one of your icons of Thekla. Hope your junk mail did not filter the request. Peace,

Gil Guerrero