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Ixora coccinea Orange/Red

Ixora coccinea -- Orange/Red, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2011
As you may recall, I did a posting with a drawing and description of Ixora back on August 6th of this year.  That version was of the pure red cultivar.  This one is orange-red in colour.  Both are simply colour variations of the species, coccinea; genus, Ixora; family, Rubiaceae.  One thing I forgot to mention in my previous posting is that the name "Ixora" is derived from an Indian deity.

A Sick Person presented to Ixora
 This flower is called as 'idli poo' in Tamil and Ixora in English. This flower is very auspicious for Lord Vishnu. It is mostly used for sahasra namavali to Lord Vishnu on Saturdays. This flower is in varied colours like orange, yellow, red and white. The red and white colours are very sacred and auspicious to Lord Vishnu.

Now here is the information I posted previously just in case you have forgotten.  "Ixora is a genus of 529 species in the family Rubiaceae, consisting of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs. Though native to the tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world, its centre of diversity is in tropical areas in Asia, especially India and Sri Lanka. Ixora now grows commonly in subtropical climates in the United States, such as Florida.

Ixora is also commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. Other common names include Jungle flame, Needle flower, Flame of the Woods, Jungle Geranium. Plants possess leathery leaves, ranging from 3 to 6 inches in length, and produce large clusters of tiny flowers in the summer. Members of Ixora are suitable choices for bonsai. Red Ixora flowers are commonly used in Hindu worship, as well as in Indian folk medicine. It is also a popular choice for hedges in parts of South East Asia, like in Thailand. In tropical climates they flower year round."

For more information go to:

Ixora coccinea -- Orange/Red -- Colour Inversion, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2011
I am sure, if you are a regular reader, you are not surprised to find that I chose to do a variation of my drawing using my special colour software.  Here is the effect achieved by using the colour inversion selection.  I really like the lovely shades of aqua, blue and lavender that occurred.  In fact, I am thinking of using this version of the drawing in my family calender for 2012!


Cute Puppies
Learning about the birds and bees!

"I'm bored.  Let's go and bother mom!"

"Is that dog laughing at our ears?"

"OK.  I give up.  You win.  Now get off my head!"

Sometimes you just gotta catch some zzzzzzz's


Suki and Sallie

At the moment, Suki is not doing well.  She is indignant that I am refusing to stop working on this blog posting when she wants to have lunch.  She keeps going over to the clock as if to say:  "look, it is already past noon!  You know how hungry I get about this time each day!  How can you ignore me?"

I, in turn, am responding to her meow's by pointing out that there is dry food already out in the kitchen and that if she is really as hungry as she says, then she will eat it! 

That is obviously not what she wants to hear as she is continuing to meow at me.  Thankfully I know she can wait as she is not really starving, just hungry!

Poor Kitty.

As for Sallie, I am looking much more normal these days as the majority of the bruising is gone from my face.  There is still enough left for me to get a lot of sympathy whenever people see me, but not enough to cause me to feel so terribly self-conscious anymore.

Of course, once one problem starts to improve, here comes another one.  Nothing serious; just a nuisance.  I hope to be better soon.

I came across the photo below recently.  It gave me a good laugh so I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Did you ever have one of those days?!!

Happy Labour Day!  St. Joseph, patron of workers, pray for us.

And may the peace of God be with us all.

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