Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Can't Keep Away from Calla

Calla Lilies, Orange, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2011

Calla Lilies (also known as Arum Lily or simply Calla) are not true lilies at all. They were placed in the family Araceae and the genus Zantedeschia and are native to southern Africa from South Africa to Malawi.

The Zantedeschia species are poisonous due to the presence of calcium oxalate. "All parts of the plant are toxic, and produce irritation and swelling of the mouth and throat, acute vomiting and diarrhea."  None of which sounds like any fun at all!

Single Calla Lily (Red) by
Georgia O'Keefe

Over the centuries some artists have used the Calla as part of their “signature” – always having a Calla Lily somewhere in their paintings. I am considering doing the same because I am so fond of this flower.  Of course, I am not sure how I could find a way to insert Calla Lilies into all my various and varied icons! 8-)

Some examples of well-known artists who have made the Calla Lily famous are Diego Rivera and Georgia O'Keefe. Although I do not care for the politics of these artists, I do admire their work.

And to continue... here is another in my ever-growing collection of Calla Lily drawings.  I think what I may love so much about them are their curves and I have even named this one "Calla Lily Curves".

Calla Lily Curves, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2011

The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork... (Ps. 19:1)

Here are three photos that give me a sense of the glory of God.

"The seas may rage and foam, but I will trust in the Lord."

"Who are we, O, Lord, that you should answer our call?"

The vastness of the earth seems so big but it is really so small --
Yet, God holds each of us in the palm of His hand.



With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday news going on, its beginning to feel a lot like "Hark, listen to the cash registers ring".

I asked Suki if she would like a kitten for Christmas -- something that would keep her active and help her to lose some of that weight she is carrying around.  She said she would really rather have a broken tail or at least I think that is what she said!  Maybe she said something about "hell"; I'm not really sure.

I continue to do reasonably well for which I am very grateful.

The most exciting thing that has happened over the 4 days since my last posting is the plans for a friend to come and visit me.  This woman was my best friend starting in Junior High School and all through high school.  But then I moved away from the south in 1964 and she had just gotten married and was starting a family so we lost touch.  Then, through the magic of the Internet, we connected again about 6 or 7 years ago.  We actually have not seen one another in almost 47 years.  That is longer than some of my readers have even been alive!  Now here we are making final arrangements for her to come for a visit the week of my birthday (in December).  I am so excited and at the same time, I can't quite believe it is actually happening!  Truly God is so good.

We are joyfully waiting as the days of Advent pass and bring us closer and closer to the coming of the Lord!

 May the peace of God be with us all.

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