Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Cards

As usual, I have prepared a collection of Christmas cards for those people who may want to order their cards from me.  I only charge $1 per card which I think is a pretty good deal for "hand"made cards with original drawings on them!

Anyway, I thought I would show you my selection for Christmas, 2011

This first card uses the flower, Paeonia cambessedessii -- a drawing I posted last month -- with a standard greeting inside.

The second card uses another 2011 drawing -- Ixora (Red)
with another traditional greeting inside.

Here is my one attempt at a humorous card.  I have been saving this photo ever since I came across it on the Internet some months ago as I thought it would be great for a Christmas card.

While my attempt at humour may be rather limp, I hope, at least, that it will bring a smile to the face of those who view it.

Here is one of the two "religious" cards available. 

I posted this new image of Our Lady recently under the title, I think, of the Virgin Mother and Child.

The greeting on the inside is one of my own personal favourites.

I also decided to make a Christmas card out of the "Burmese Madonna" I posted a month or so ago.

I wrote what I felt to be an appropriate greeting and included a copy of the original drawing of the flowers I used to surround the Burmese Madonna and her sleeping child.


Some things that are very BIG

A friend sent these photos to me recently and I thought I should share some of my favourites with you.

The BIG Apple!

The GIANT Potato!

The HUGE Cat!


The FATTEST Frog and the HAPPIEST Little Boy!



Suki, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2011

Here is a drawing I was playing around with earlier this week.  I was trying to capture that wild-eyed look that Suki gets sometimes when she is planning on pouncing on me the next time I go past her.  She hasn't yet figured out how I know what she is planning and am able to avoid her "attack".

She is doing well and had, I thought yesterday, finally mastered one of life's basic tasks:  the proper use of the sand box! 

I have always used a litter box with high sides for my cats as it saves me a great deal time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning the bathroom floor.  Well, ever since Suki came to live with me, she has been quite happy with her box but seemed to have one major problem (I don't know whether she would have had the same problem with a regular cat box or not).  That problem is that instead of covering over whatever she has accomplished in the box, she will spend 2-3 minutes uselessly scratching the sides of the hard plastic box.  The result is that when she finally seems satisfied with all her scratching, she happily jumps out of the box without having covered anything up at all.

Well, to my amazement, yesterday she finally got the right idea and for the first time in the two years she has been with me, she properly covered things over with sand and then jumped out of the box.  I made a big to-do over this accomplishment, of course, hoping that this was the beginning of the desired behaviour; however, this morning, she was right back to her old ways.  Since I clean her box out almost immediately after use, she can't be distressed about putting her paws into possibly dirty sand.  Maybe it is just that she likes the sound of her claws on the hard plastic!  Oh, well, she is still a great companion if a somewhat wacky one.

As for me, I am doing reasonably well considering that I had at least one doctor's appointment every day this past week (two on Wednesday)!  Blissfully, I have none at all this coming week.  This will give me plenty of time to get my decorations up and prepare a bit more for my friend, Brenda's, visit.  In only 10 more days she will be here!  Don't be a bit surprised if my writing sounds a lot more Southern by the time she leaves!

Also, I had a message yesterday from the people in the parish in Texas that I am working with to help them prepare their books on lectio divina.  They are using a number of my icons as illustrations and my contact person is sending me a paper copy of the draft so I can see just what they are up to.  Once I scan them into my computer, I can share them with all of you.

For now, however, I had better get back to work on my Christmas card order!

Have a blessed 2nd Sunday of Advent.

May the peace of God be with us all.

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