Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two Different Orchids

Orchid "Oncidium", drawing by Sarah-Sallie Thayer, 2011
I really don't know why I am trying to draw Orchids again.  I have never been very successful as Orchids really need to be painted and not drawn in order to show something of their intricate beauty.  The way I have to draw and colour on the computer is just too heavy handed, I find, to create the complex loveliness of Orchids.  Yet, for some reason, I keep trying.  Oh, well, it is a challenge and it is difficult for me to resist a challenge!
Orchid "Oncidium", drawing by Sarah-Sallie
Thayer, 2011, special effects created by using
colour inversion software

This is the result of my playing with the colour inversion software.  Here the image looks more like a woodcut than ever which I find very interesting.  In fact, now I am thinking about going back and trying the software selection for "sepia" to see if it really does look like a real woodcut.  That might be more attractive than the original drawing.  In fact, if I have time, I may do that before I publish this posting just in case the results are interesting enough to show you.

 Here is some sort of Orchid.  I couldn't find the proper name.  I came across a photograph of this Orchid in a pps someone sent me.  All it had underneath the photo was "Orchid -- Orange/Red".  So that is my working title.  If you have any idea what type of Orchid this is, please do let me know so I can go back and add it to this posting.  Thanks. 

Strange type of Orchid, proper name unknown, drawing by
Sarah-Sallie Thayer, 2012


You may have seen these already on the Internet, but just in case you missed them, here are four for your fancy!

You really have to wonder sometimes about the quality of our educational system!

It really makes a person feel good that the State of Colorado is being
run by people with such a profound understanding of statistical analysis

I am really not sure that a public apology would be sufficient
in such a case.  My question is:  How could "failure to stop
at a railroad crossing" be confused with "prostitution"?

I know I really shouldn't make fun of Wal-Mart,
but they did come into Ontario and cause some of
my favourite "cheap" stores to have to close!


Well, the story I have to relate today makes Suki look good and me not so
Suki behind statue of
St. Joseph and the child, Jesus

It has to do with my prized statue of St. Joseph and the Child, Jesus.  This statue was given to me as a birthday gift back in 1998 by a group of friends here in my co-op building.  The friend chiefly responsible was named Jackie.  Sadly, Jackie dies a few years later from lung cancer which had metastasized before she or anyone else even knew she was sick. 

As a consequence, I have always valued the statue plus the fact that I am very fond of St. Joseph and ask for his prayers on my behalf and the behalf of other very frequently.  And, of course, the Boy, Jesus, is the Lord of my life!
I never worried about the statue with my previous cats as they were never much interested in it.  However, from the time Suki moved into my life and heart, she has loved to spend time looking out the window in the "shade" of the statue.  As a consequence, I have fretted and moaned to her about being careful; threatening all manner of horrible things should she knock the statue over and break it.

Well, the statue is now broken.  Poor St. Joseph had his head broken off right at the neck.  And guess what?... I did it, not Suki.  I mean, Suki was close by when it happened, but she had absolutely nothing to do with the accident.

I had just closed the vertical blinds that go across my living room window.  One of the blinds was not straight so I leaned forward, across the statue to straighten it.  As I straightened myself up to turn and go, I suddenly found that I was off balance -- not an unusual problem for me these days.  Feeling as though I might fall, I quickly reached out towards the window to brace myself.  As I did so, my hand just brushed against the statue -- just enough of a glancing blow to knock the statue off balance.  As I watched, everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  I saw the statue hit the floor, the head break off and bounce once as I fruitlessly tried to reach out and stop it.  Suddenly time snapped back into place and I heard myself crying out "oh, no!".

Later, as I cleaned up the tiny shards of plaster, I investigated the head carefully.  It appears to me that it could be glued back into place with very little evidence that it was ever broken, but it would take someone who really knows how to work with plaster.  There is such a person living in my building.  I called her last night and left her a message so when she gets back home tonight, I will see what she thinks.  I am hoping and praying that it can be fixed.  I mean, I know it is just a thing and that in another 25 years it will turn to dust, but it is special to me and has given me a great deal of pleasure over these past years. 

Before I end this posting, I want to show you a lovely photo of an owl in winter.  There is something so special, almost mystical, about the silent way an owl will sit in a tree just before dusk.  Then, if you startle it, the owl will spread those enormous wings and fly slowly off into the darkening trees.
May the peace of the Lord be with us all as the Christmas Season comes to an end.  Tuesday we return to Ordinary Time.

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