Thursday, 16 February 2012

Calla Lilies and Orchids

White Calla Lilies, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

Every time I post another drawing of Calla Lilies, I think to myself "well, this is the last time".  Each time I feel as though I will somehow be able to discipline myself sufficiently so that I refrain from doing anymore drawings of these lilies which are not real lilies at all.  But, then I see a new photograph somewhere of these beautiful flowers and my fingers get itchy, wanting to try to draw what I see.  What can I do?  I think I must be an addict.  If I am, this means that you, my dear followers, will have to either patiently endure more drawings of Calla lilies or do without any postings at all during the time I am in rehab! -- I wonder if there really could be a facility for people addicted to flowers?!!

Orchid miltoniopsis, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

And here is another Orchid.  What did I say about these flowers last time I posted a drawing of an orchid?  In case you have forgotten, I wrote:  "I really don't know why I am trying to draw Orchids again.  I have never been very successful as Orchids really need to be painted and not drawn in order to show something of their intricate beauty.  The way I have to draw and colour on the computer is just too heavy handed, I find, to create the complex loveliness of Orchids.  Yet, for some reason, I keep trying."

So, here you have it folks... two new drawings of two of my favourite flowers which I continue drawing even though I keep telling myself that I shouldn't.  I wonder what this says about me!  Maybe I don't want to know.  Whatever the case, I hope you don't mind looking at new drawings of Calla Lilies and Orchids just one more time.  Honest!



I have heard reports that in some places on the earth this winter, people are having too much snow and cold.  Here in Toronto, we have had too little snow (so the children are saying) and very mild temperatures.  So, when a friend sent me a pps full of photos of cats in the snow, I thought it would be fun to share some of these delightful photos.  If you are glad not to have snow this winter, you can enjoy looking at the photos and being thankful; if, on the other hand, you really wish we were having a regular winter, you can look at the photos and imagine that all that snow is here!  Whatever your choice, enjoy.

"Uh, oh, should have worn my boots like my mom said."

"Here comes the Winter Princess -- what a beauty I am!"

"Actually, this stuff tastes pretty good!"

"I am convinced that I am perfectly hidden, just waiting to pounce!
No one can see me, I am certain of it!"

"He jumps, he hits the ball into the basket, HE SCORES!
Super Cat has won the game for the Cat Team once again,
beating the Dog Team 174 to 170!"

"This snow bath is kind of fun!  Why don't you
come on in and join me?"


Well, while Suki is sleeping the morning away, I am waiting for the arrival for a dear friend of mine who now
Suki wanted her photo taken in the snow but
since we have no snow, I had to fake it!
lives in the U.S. of A.  I haven't seen her for some months and so I am really looking forward to our upcoming visit.

She hasn't seen me since my last fall and I wish I could be more improved than I am.  My face remains a lovely shade of blue/ gray which does not seem to be fading very much these days.  As well, I am still having to wear a hat all the time when I am with other people so that they won't have to look at my head wound from two months ago.  I never knew these things could take so long to heal.

At any rate, once we sit down and start visiting, none of this will matter anymore -- we will just be too busy catching up on each other's news.  Suki may or may not deign to join us.  She is very cat-like in this respect.  With some of my visitors, as soon as she hears their voices, she comes to investigate.  With others, she may raise her head when they first enter the apartment, but after that she just goes right back to sleep.  I would think it might have something to do with how she is feeling on a particular day except she behaves this way consistently with the same people over time.  I do wonder what goes on in that little head of hers!

I will have my first ever stress test tomorrow.  Since I can't walk or run on a treadmill for very long, I understand that they will be inducing the stress somehow.  I have puzzled over how this will be done and have had visions of their putting me in the same room with a punk rock or rap group during a practice session.  This would certainly get my stress levels up in a big hurry!  But, somehow, I think they are much more sophisticated than that which is why they are sending me to nuclear medicine instead of to the gym!  I will let you know what they do and how it worked in my next posting.

Meanwhile, I had better go and finish getting organized for my visitor.

May the peace of God be with us all.

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Deb said...

Thank you for posting, and if it's lillies and orchids, that's okay! I enjoy the pictures you post, too, and hearing how you and Suki are getting along. Good luck on the stress test.