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Fiat, Dominus

Icon, Our Lady of the Fiat, by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, May, 2012

Continuing with icons of Our Lady during this month dedicated to her by the Church, I want to show you this icon which is all about our Blessed Mother's "yes" to God, her Fiat

As most of my readers know, the Latin word, "fiat", means "so be it", "be it done" or "let it be done".  The full English translation is usually something like "Let it be done to me according to your word."  So, the title at the top of this posting simply reads "So be it, Lord".  We frequently hear people talk about Blessed Mary's "yes" to God and this is usually what they are referring to.

For those of us who love praying the Rosary, we know that this is the very first "mystery" of the 20 mysteries given for meditation -- the Annunciation.  The dialog between the young Mary of Nazareth and the Archangel Gabriel is one of the most important conversations in the history of the mankind and Mary's yes, her fiat, sets in motion the final chapter in the story of our salvation -- the "chapter" in which we are still living.  And we should never forget, Mary could have said "no"!

In my book entitled, "Rosary Icons (Praying with the Saints Series)" published in 2009, I wrote the following when discussing the first Joyful Mystery:
Icon by Sarah Thayer

Whenever I am confronted by anything that I would rather not have to deal with, I try to remember to say the same words that Mary said to the angel. I try to say "yes" to whatever God wants to give me whether it is difficult or easy. I find great peace in doing this and in trusting God to accomplish good things when I say "let it be done unto me according to your word."

So, as we continue in this Month of Mary, let us ask Our Lady to pray that we, too, will be able to say "yes" to whatever the Lord asks of us in the days ahead.
"Fiat, Dominus."



Like most people who receive email, I have so many cute photos of cats and dogs.  Sadly, there are just too many to share and most of you have probably seen the majority of them anyway.  I continue to hold onto them anyway.  Every time I try to delete a bunch of them, I stop and look at each one and usually end up deciding that it is just too cute to discard!  At any rate, here are a few I have recently enjoyed -- with my own captions.

                                               THE BABYSITTER


Bath Time


"I don't want to go to bed yet; anyway, I'm too old to need a babysitter!"
"See, Miss Dawg, I'll soon be as tall as you are!"

"OK, OK, I give up.  Now get off of me!"


Example 1 -- Puppy on Puppy

Example 2 -- Dog on Dog

Example 3 -- Dog on Cat
 If there is anyone out there who knows the answer to the question of why dogs believe that sitting on their opponent is a problem solver, please let us all know!  Such information is too important to keep to yourself.



 Well, the world came close to losing Suki this
Who are these people?
What is all this stuff?
 morning!  She managed to get right under my feet without me noticing that she was there.  I stepped back suddenly, right on her tail.  She screeched.  I, very startled, tried to quickly move from where I was standing almost falling in the process.  Had I fallen, I would have landed on Suki and that would have been the end of her -- and maybe even the end of me!  Fortunately, we both recovered from our ordeal and I was able to convince Suki that in spite of the pain, she would live!

Actually, I had been thinking about how to give Suki an easy morning and early afternoon so that she will be better prepared for what awaits her later today... when my friends arrive for a two-day visit.  I  don't think that stepping on her tail was a good way to begin the preparation!

You see, what I am concerned about is how exhausted Suki will be by the time my friends leave.  You may recall my telling you how tired Suki got when Brenda was here recently because she had to sniff every item Brenda had brought with her.  Well, this time will be even worse since there are two people instead of one plus they are bringing an inflatable, single bed with them which is a huge area that Suki will have to carefully sniff as well.  I will try to make things as easy for her as I can, feeding her whenever she is willing to settle down enough to eat and not shutting any doors except when absolutely necessary.  However, I think we will be seeing a very bedraggled cat by the time the weekend is over!

As for me, I am really looking forward to the arrival of my friends.

I am trying my best to not let myself worry about things like: where and what will we eat, do I have enough towels, have I forgotten to get anything we are likely to need, do I have enough towels, will my restless nights disturb them too much, do I have enough towels, etc.  As you can see from my list above, I can be a real worrier -- especially if I get stuck on one worry.  So, when I start this nonsense, I try to stop myself and just remember that ultimately God is in charge and He will see to it that we have what we need or the means to acquire it if we don't.  The most important thing is that three old friends will be spending time visiting and reminiscing. 

Meanwhile, I keep remembering the passage "let not your hearts be troubled..."  While I realize that this statement from the Gospel of St. John refers to things more sublime than whether I have enough towels on hand for my guests, I am comforted each time I stop and let myself hear the Lord speaking those six words in my heart.  So, instead of worrying, I plan to enjoy myself with two very dear friends -- trying not to waste any moments worrying about anything.

Otherwise, I continue to have my usual problems but no new ones -- something for which I am very grateful.  I haven't heard anything further from Br. Finnian in Ireland regarding the printing of my drawing of St. John of God so I hope that no news is good news.

I am starting to ramble so I had better finish this up.  I pray, as always, that God, in His merciful kindness, will grant each of us to find peace and joy in the midst of our busy lives.  That no matter how demanding life may be we will always hear Him saying:  "Let not your hearts be troubled..."

Addendum:  I have been working on an icon of the Crucifixion of Our Lord for some months now.  This icon differs, however, from the regular ones of this sorrowful scene in that the people in it are Japanese as is the writing on the cross.  Not knowing when I might get around to using it in a posting, I want to show it to you now.  As always, I would be very interested in your comments.

Icon, "The Crucifixion (Japanese)", by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

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