Tuesday, 19 June 2012

St. John of God and the IEC

Rejoicing in God's goodness 

Banner displayed by the Hospitallers of St. John of God at their display
at the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, June, 2012,
with my name and this blog address underneath the drawing.

Just today I received photos and information from Br. Finnian of the Hospitallers of Saint John of God, Dublin, regarding the banners used in their display at the International Eucharistic Congress which ended this past Sunday.

I did not know until this morning whether they had been able to use my drawing of St. John of God on one of the banners and it gave me great joy to see that they were able to do so.  Due to the size of my work on the computer, it often does not enlarge well, as I have previously mentioned, as all the pixels end up showing!  Somehow they were able to overcome this and create what appears to be a beautiful image of the drawing.  I am so grateful to God that they were able to use my work and I feel truly humbled that it was considered good enough to be used.  I should never be surprised at what God can accomplish.

Two of the Brothers standing in front of the 5 panels used to illustrate the origin and  work
of the Hospitallers of St. John of God, Eucharistic Congress, June 2012

Here is a photograph of two of the Brothers standing in front of all five panels.  Sr. Anne's beautiful work called "Open Pomegranate" is directly behind the Brothers. 

Following are copies of the remaining four panels.  The art work on the final panel was done by Brother Seamus McGreevy, also a Hospitaller of Saint John of God.

Banner displayed by the Hospitallers of St. John of God at their display
at the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, June, 2012

Banner displayed by the Hospitallers of St. John of God at their display
at the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, June, 2012

Banner displayed by the Hospitallers of St. John of God at their display
at the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, June, 2012, art work
by Sr. Anne Reddington, RSM
  I am sorry that I ended up cutting off part of the banner shown above, but I wanted to show as Sr. Anne Reddington's art work as clearly as possible.  The pomegranate has long been a symbol associated with the Hospitallers of Saint John of God and she did an beautiful job of showing the many "seeds" with the Eucharist at the very centre.

Banner displayed by the Hospitallers of St. John of God at their display
at the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, June, 2012,
art work by Br. Seamus McGreevy. 

Below is a photo of the Rosary Garden which the Hospitallers of Saint John of God had set up near the Congress site.  You can see from the caption how it was to be used.  Evidently, it was quite a popular place for some quiet reflection for people between their various Congress activities.

The Hospitality of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God was
made evident in the Rosary Garden at the Monastery of the Poor Clare Nuns,
Simmonscourt Road, beside the Congress venue at the RDS, Ballsbridge.
So, here you have it.  Our involvement with the International Eucharistic Congress even without being physically present.  I do hope that many of you had an opportunity to watch and listen to some of the events.  There were several presentations and homilies that made a profound impression on me.
For those of you who were not able to watch any of the proceedings on TV, a number of different events and Masses are available on YouTube.  Here is the link for one -- about 3 hours worth of the events from one day.

Finally, here are a couple of quotes from Br. Finnian regarding the Congress:

"Many people have now heard the story of the Saint John of God icon. Renewed thanks for it. There was a very large delegation from Canada at the Congress. Our involvement was considerable and we had a great team of volunteers giving three hour slots of cover on stand # 34. There was great interest in the Rosary Garden; it was such a meaningful way of involving people with intellectual disabilities and people with enduring mental illness. ……and it was not all rain!" (this is a reference to the fact that it rained off and on almost every day of the Congress -- except for the final day!)

Icon, St. John of Avila,
by the hand of
Sarah "Sallie" Thayer
"I’m so pleased that your blog and our network are mutually supportive of promoting the Patron Saint of the Sick. May God be praised. I loved being able to remind callers to the stand that John of Avila (Juan de Avila) to be declared Doctor of the Church in October 2012, was “our” John’s Spiritual Guide. In 1539 who would have thought that these two men would be so glorious in God’s eyes."


The Letter "S"
A gift I should never have accepted!

Well, yesterday I got what I thought was a great idea -- since Suki had started awakening me during the night by "pawing" on her letter S, the solution seemed to be to simply remove the letter.

So, when Suki was busy elsewhere, I removed the letter from the wall and put it behind the chest in the bedroom.  All seemed well until bedtime which is when Suki always goes and sits silently in front of the big letter.  As she entered the room and walked toward the place where the letter should be, she suddenly stopped, looked at me quizzically and meowed.

I pretended not to understand what she was asking and simply continued to get ready for bed.  Suki sat there and meowed a few more times and then began to search for the letter.  She finally stopped in front of the chest behind which I had placed the big plastic letter.  She meowed several more times and looked at me.  When I continued to ignore her, she finally got up and went out to the living room.  She crawled up into her favourite chair and turned her back to me without saying another word.  I was very pleased with myself as I thought this meant that I had won the battle.  Ah, how foolish I can be at times. 

I fell asleep quickly.  Suddenly I was awake again, seemingly surrounded by meows, loud meows.  It was Suki, of course, and she was back in the bedroom, sitting in front of the place where her letter once hung and she was meowing over and over again.  It seemed to me that with each meow she was getting louder.  I began to speak sternly to her, telling her to be quiet and go back to sleep.  My speaking had no effect except to increase the volume of the meows.  I began to raise my voice as well and within a short time, our combined vocalizations had gotten so loud that I am surprised that my neighbours didn't call the police!

I finally came to my senses and realized that this was foolish and it was a battle that I could not win.  Grudgingly, I got up, pulled the letter out from behind the chest and hung it back in its place on the wall.  Immediately Suki fell silent.  As I watched her, she got very close to the big letter and there she sat with her nose almost touching it.  I got back into bed, slowly settled myself and finally fell asleep after about 10 minutes.  By the light from the hallway, I could see Suki sitting there in front of that letter, motionless.  She was still sitting there when I fell asleep.  Thankfully, she did not make any annoying scratching noises or do anything else to disturb me for the rest of the night. 

Today she has been well behaved and so I remain hopeful that the experience of yesterday, while fresh in her memory, will keep her from trying to make "pawing" noises on the letter in order to get me to wake up and feed her.  What do you think the odds are that she will behave herself? 

By the way, if any of you have ever heard of a cat having this kind of attachment to an object, please let me know.  I am getting kind of "weirded out" over living with a cat who is smarter than I am!

As for me, I am doing reasonably well.  Today has been a special day for me because of all the information I received from Br. Finnian.  As well, I had arranged with Father to come by for Confession today and he also brought Holy Communion with him.  That alone would have made this a red-letter day but both events combined to make the day a super special one for me! 

Otherwise, I have had some new difficulties with one of my chronic problems, but I am scheduled to see my doctor tomorrow and I am sure she will set my mind at ease -- she always does. 

I am trying to stay indoors as much as possible during this heat wave we are presently experiencing here in Toronto and looking forward to Friday when the normal summer weather should be returning.

Tonight my thoughts are full of gratitude to God and to His holy servant, St. John of God.  I pray that the peace and joy of Our Lord will fill our hearts and minds now and in the days ahead and may our Blessed Mother teach us how to really love her Son.

St. John of God thank you for your prayers.


Amra Porobic said...

It's so great that you've become a part of the Congress through your work. I'm sure the more is going to come out of this. As for Suki, she obviously doesn't like changes. Remember how she behaved when you took that chair out. Oh, never a dull moment.
Would live to see you next Thursday.

Amra Porobic said...

What a great day you had! I hope more good news to come after the Congress.
As for Suki, she obviously doesn't like a change.
Hoping to visit you next week...