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Eustoma grandiflorum (Lisianthus)

Eustoma grandiflorum (Lisianthus), drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

Eustoma grandiflorum, Texas Bluebell
growing wild

Eustoma represents a genus of 3 species belonging to the family Gentianaceae and can be found in the warm areas of Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean and northern South America. They thrive in grasslands and places of disturbed ground.

Eustoma grandiflorum is one of the best known of the species and is valued because of the large number of cultivars that have been developed from this species. The cultivated plant is frequently listed as Lisianthus.  In North America the common names include Texas Bluebell or Prairie Gentian. As well, the cultivars have been developed in colours such as white and pink.

The meaning of eustoma (eu = beautiful, good....stoma = mouth) is good tasting or well spoken, but in the case of this plant it may mean beautiful mouth referring to the extraordinary colors of the flower as you look down into the "funnel" shape.  The word "grandiflorum" included in the scientific name of a flower -- indicates large blooms.

Eustoma grandiflorum (Lisianthus), drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012
Topographic software applied which gives the white lines



A friend recently sent me one of those emails with a number of interesting facts illustrated with photos.  Here are a few of the ones I found particularly interesting.  Who knew we were so smart in Canada?!! (see 2nd photo caption)

Canada contains a majority of the world's fresh water. 
What an awesome gift and responsibility!

Over 50% of the Canadian population has some post-secondary education making Canada
one of the best educated countries in the world!

This is a very sad photo.  What you are looking at is the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  I am sure it is obvious to you which side is which, but just in case you are not certain, the treeless side is Haiti. 

Most of the world's oxygen comes from the vast expanses of forest and mountains found in Siberia in Russia -- fortunately we all get to share this fresh air!

Which of the world's countries has the fewest people per square mile?  Mongolia is the winneer with only 4 people per square mile; Hong Kong, on the other hand, has, in some sections, as many as 340,000 people per square mile.



Well, Suki has not been a very contented cat these past few days and I am not
I wonder what is on her mind?  Does she
want to play or is she seeing something
I can't see?

really sure what her problem is.  Let me explain.

Everything will seem to be going well.  Suki has had her normal amount of food at an acceptable time of day and has apparently settled down to sleep as usual.  Suddenly, after about half an hour in her favourite bed, she awakens, gets up, looks around, maybe sits back down for a moment and washes her paw, gets up again, gets out of her bed, tries to talk me into feeding her (although I know she can't be hungry) and then she begins to wander. 

Wandering for Suki involves going from one special place to another and making a half-hearted attempt to misbehave.  For example, she will go to the big "S" and paw at it for a minute -- just long enough to get a response from me.  Next she gets into my desk chair (if I am not at the computer) and starts to sharpen her claws on the fabric -- it makes a really neat popping noise which she seems to like.  Once again, she does this just long enough to get a response from me and then she moves on.  Now she begins to wander in earnest -- going from room to room while meowing the entire time.  This is not a frantic meow, but rather a  meow that reminds me of myself when I sometimes am doing a task while talking to myself the entire time about what I am doing.

If, at this point, I go and ask her what is wrong, she simply sits, looks at me and meows.  I haven't a clue as to what she is talking about so I try to guess.  I check the ceiling for a fly that may have wandered in somehow and could be causing her unrest.  I listen carefully to see if there are noises coming from the hallway -- these sometimes disturb her and cause her to be restless.  Occasionally, I will even go so far as to offer her additional food, but, fortunately, she rarely shows much interest.  Eventually, thank goodness, she seems to get tired and finds a new place to sleep and settles down again.  I, on the other hand, am left feeling very unsettled and wishing it was possible for humans beings to learn to speak the cat language -- or at least understand it! 

I, on the other hand, continue to do very well for an old, decrepit lady!

I have been able to go to the gym regularly even though I am still not able to return to my "pre-December 14, 2011 bad fall" status.  One of the personal trainers I was speaking with at the gym on the weekend said that it would take me at least three months, if not longer, to get back to where I was at that time.  So I am trying to be patient with myself and just keep at it.

I continue to have lots of requests for art work -- mostly from friends -- but actual work nonetheless.  I am also starting to put together my 2013 flower calendar.  It will have all the dates for both Canadian and U.S. events as well as some of the major religious holidays.  If anyone out there is interested in having a copy, please let me know as soon as possible.  The cost is $10 per wall calendar and it will feature one of my flower drawings for each month.
At this time, I will only be ordering enough copies for those people who always want one of my calendars -- so the earlier you let me know the better.

As usual, my guardian angel has been working hard to keep me from falling and, as well, I feel myself well-protected by all my Heavenly friends such as St. John of God.  I don't know why God is so good to me, but He is, and I am totally grateful.  My motto remains:  "in all things give thanks".

And now I ask that the peace and joy of God will fill and surround each and every person who reads this posting.  May something of the Divine Wisdom shine through my stumbling words and bless you greatly.  Amen.

On last note:  today is the optional memorial of St. Augustine Zhao Rong and companions.  He was a Chinese priest who, in 1815, along with 119 Chinese Catholics were tortured and martyred for refusing to abandon their faith.  At this present time when the situation between the Vatician and the Chinese government is so unsettled (the government has appointed another Bishop to the government-approved Church), let us all pray, asking St. Augustine Zhao Rong and his companions to pray for the Church in China that there may finally be freedom for all Christians there -- with no government interference.

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