Friday, 10 August 2012

Campsis grandiflora

Campsis grandiflora, drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

Campsis grandiflora, commonly known as the Chinese Trumpet Vine or Trumpet Creeper, is a fast growing, deciduous creeper with large, reddish-orange, trumpet-shaped flowers. It can grow to a height of 9 meters. It is a native of East Asia, China and Japan. This plant is of the family Bignoniaceae. When its at its best, Chinese trumpet vine is a showcase drop-dead, absolutely gorgeous vine.

This drawing is one of those included in my 2013 Calendar of recent flower drawings.  Remember, if you are interested in having a calendar, the cost is $12.  They can be ordered by contacting me by email.  I will be featuring a few more of the 12 flowers included in the calendar during the next few weeks.

Chinese Trumpet Vine (Campsis grandiflora) outside of building in Japan


An Update on the Baby

I continue to receive new photos of sweet Braden and I feel it quite necessary to share them with others as I am sure that they have never seen such a beautiful boy!  Strange though, I have noticed that some of my friends now seem to be avoiding me!  I cannot imagine why.  Perhaps I will have to drop by to see them with my latest supply of baby photos -- I am sure they will be pleased to see me!

Seriously, I do try to be mindful of the fact that other people just may not be as enamoured of dear, sweet Braden as I am. 

"Time for a little rest on my tummy," says Braden.  "This feels very nice after a good meal."

A sweet, sleepy baby with his Papa (I like the lighting in this photo taken by
Braden's Mama)



Most of you know of my love for trees.  Recently, a friend sent me a photo of another tree with an accompanying verse.  The photograph was not that appealing to me, but the accompanying verse was just perfect for expressing some of what I feel about trees.  So I took one of the photos from my huge collection of trees (see below) and I have pasted the quote underneath.  I hope you find it meaningful too.

"Stand tall and proud. Sink your roots deeply into the Earth. Reflect the light of a greater source. Think long term. Go out on a limb. Remember your place among all living beings. Embrace with joy the changing seasons for each yields its own abundance: the energy and birth of spring, the growth and contentment of summer, the wisdom to let go of leaves in the fall, the rest and quiet renewal of winter."
 ~ LLan Shamir, Advice from a Tree 



Here is a Suki-lookalike who demonstrates
the obviously uncomfortable way a cat can
choose to sleep!
Have you ever noticed the terribly uncomfortable positions cats can get themselves into when preparing to sleep?  If your own cat hasn't demonstrated this truth for you, then all you have to do is look at cat photos and very quickly you will find any number which show cats apparently sleeping soundly while in the most outrageous positions. 

I am very much aware of this behaviour after witnessing Suki sleeping in some very strange places this past week.  Let me explain.

Remember when I told you about reaching for my shoes in the closet and getting a handful of cat instead?  Well, that day Suki was sleeping on top of my big shoe storage box and all the shoes were inside where they belong.  This week, however, several pairs of shoes had been placed on top of the big box so that almost the entire top was covered in shoes -- gym shoes, Crocs, etc.  I would think that a cat with as many comfortable places to sleep as Suki has would never spend a day sleeping on top of hard shoes but that is exactly what she did a couple of days ago.  The entire day was spent lying on top of what must have been a terribly uncomfortable surface.  I suggested to her several times that she might want to move into one of her nice, roomy, soft beds, but she just ignored me.

Then yesterday I was working on the computer when I suddenly realized that I had not seen or heard Suki for a few hours.  This always causes me a bit of concern as she has been known to quietly get into places where she is really not supposed to be.  When I went searching for her, I found her on top of a large wicker basket.  I have three of these baskets, 3 different sizes and they each have a lid with a handle.  Well, Suki had somehow crammed herself onto the top of the middle-sized one and was sleeping away.  She looked so uncomfortable that I picked her up and put her down on the seat of her favourite living room chair.  She did not look pleased and before I could even return to the computer, she was back on top of the basket.  And that is where she is again this morning!

This is just one more cat behaviour I don't understand.  Cats appear to be such comfort-loving creatures and yet some of them will purposely choose to sleep on surfaces that amount to a bed of nails!  Very strange indeed.

As for me, I continue to do well -- all things considered!  To be honest, I must admit that I almost fell again, but was able to grab my desk and stay upright -- more or less.  The only thing I hit was the top of my foot.  I am not sure how I did this, but I did and now the top of my foot is very black and blue.  But I think to myself that it is better my foot than my face!  I am experiencing a small amount of pain, but since I have so little feeling left in my feet now, I really can't tell how much pain there would be in a normal foot.

I imagine that most of you have been watching at least some of the Olympics.  I have never been any good at watching competitive sports as I get far too anxious and upset.  Instead, I watch the news which shows the results -- the winning or losing moments are shown in a short segment without all the stress and strain of the actual events.  I also know that there have been problems for Canada with a horse that was fine but was still disqualified and a penalty which was called in soccer but which wasn't.  Oh, well, our athletes seem a positive, plucky bunch in spite of all the setbacks and I am very proud of them. 

After watching the medal count, however, I have decided that in the future there should be one Olympics for the U.S. and China.  Then the rest of us could have our own Olympics in which more of the small nations would be able to have a chance at winning!

Well, it is time for Joycelyn to arrive to help me so I had better bring this to an end.  I pray that we may all be aware of God's goodness throughout this day and in the days ahead.  May we be convinced of God's love for us, each and every one, and may our hearts be filled with His peace and joy.  Fiat.

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