Monday, 1 October 2012

Making Do!

"Sweet Butterfly", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2008
Well, if you are a regular reader of my blog postings, then you may wonder if you are experiencing some kind of déjà vu as you glance at these drawings from 2008 (maybe even 2007, I can`t really remember).  Let me explain.

On Saturday morning I had another one of those sleep episodes where I suddenly fall asleep while thinking that I am fully awake.  It happens in an instant and is the reason why I have had such bad falls in the past.  This time I was sitting down in my office chair.  I had stopped to have a cup of coffee and had pushed my chair well away from my computer as I was aware of the dangers of spilling anything on a laptop.  So, there I was, feeling fully awake, sipping my full cup of hot coffee.  Suddenly I was jolted awake by an intense burning sensation in my lap.  As I tried to get that hot coffee off me, I jerked the cup and coffee went flying -- some of it splashing onto my computer.  Perhaps there should be a moment of silence here over the demise of my beloved laptop which has served me so well during these past 6 years.

Yes, that is what happened... the coffee that spilled onto the computer keyboard quickly did its dirty work and all sorts of strange things began occurring as I tried to see how much damage I had done.  Soon I realized that it was probably wiser to just shut it down and leave the investigation to the experts I will be taking it to shortly. 
Thankfully, I had a new laptop which I purchased some months ago because the price was so good and which had never been used.  Thus began the hours of trying to set up everything on my new computer -- I am still a long way from being finished with that process.

At the moment, I can only hope and pray that my art work will be salvageable -- especially all the work I have done recently which I haven't even shown to you, my readers, yet.  I will find out the diagnosis in a few hours so there is no need to worry about it now.  Meanwhile, I remembered that I had a few old drawings on a memory stick (don't ask me why) as earlier in the week I had used that same stick to save the front and back images for a "holy card" I am making for people attending a retreat day.  So, I thought, well it really won't hurt us to have another look at some of my old, old stuff. I am sure you won't mind, right?

The drawing at the top was one of the many butterfly drawings I did during my butterfly on flowers stage!  The same is true of the one below -- although the one just below was actually commissioned by a woman who wanted drawings done of a couple of her favourite photos.  The one you see below, however, is not the one I had printed for her, but is another version that I drew just for my own pleasure.  Her print had only one butterfly on it as that was how it was in the photo.

"Brenda's Butterflies", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2008

This next drawing is, obviously, of a Great Blue Heron out fishing!  I love to watch these birds as they stand so still, so silently in the shallow water just waiting, waiting...  Sooner or later here comes a fish and faster than the eye can really see, the fish is captured and swallowed whole.  All that remains are ripples on the water which soon disappear and then the silence returns as the large, slender bird seems to turn to stone once again.  Sooner or later, with a reasonably full tummy, or because some animal comes upon the scene, the beautiful heron lifts itself on those great wings and almost noiselessly glides away.

``Great Blue Heron``, drawing by Sarah ``Sallie`` Thayer, 2009



Here I was all ready with a new group of Braden photos -- some really beautiful ones taken by his mom -- looking forward to sharing them with you in this first posting of October.  That was not to be.  I do hope they can rescue all my Braden photos when I take my computer in this morning.

Instead, as I mentioned, I just happened to have saved the front and back of this card to a memory stick in preparation for printing them off today so that they will be available for the retreat day coming up soon.  And even though you have seen the icon previously, I thought I would just show you what the back and front of the card will look like.

Icon, "St. Martha and St. Mary with Jesus", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012
Front of holy card


Scripture passage on the back of the above holy card



Some free clip art that reminds me of Suki
All my photos and drawings of Suki are in the now silent, coffee-scented computer!  I even had a funny drawing of a black cat I drew recently all ready to include in this posting!

I thought about possibly putting Suki in the scanner and see what came out on the computer screen -- once I finally got the printer working with the new computer, that is!  I only considered that idea very briefly, however.  When I mentioned my idea to Suki, she gave me a look like the one that the cat is giving in the above drawing.  I felt, because of that glint in her eyes, she was definitely vetoing my rather excellent suggestion.

At the moment, she is in my recliner and has pulled the blanket I keep by the chair over her head and part of her body.  She appears to be sleeping; however, I know that she is fully alert for if I were to make the slightest noise that sounded as though I was getting up from my chair, Suki would be out of the chair and into the kitchen in a flash.  She knows it is almost time for her to get her breakfast!

As for my news, I have already given you the biggest news of the past four days -- the coffee and computer episode.  I do have my pre-op visit at Mount Sinai Hospital on Thursday even though my surgery is still 3 weeks from now.  Most importantly, by the time I next post to the blog, I will have had a visit with Master Braden and his parents.  Hopefully, the visit will yield some good photos so you can see how much he has grown in two weeks!

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto was celebrating the Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels this past weekend.  St. Michael is the patron of the Archdiocese and the Cathedral church of the Archdiocese is named after him as you are no doubt aware.  Today is the feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, co-patroness of the Missions, patroness of vocations and a doctor of the Church.  So I ask her, who was called "little", to pray for all of us who really are "little" in the eyes of the world, but we know something very big -- that we are each and every one passionately loved by God.

May the peace of that same God be with us all.

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