Monday, 5 November 2012

A Time of Healing

It has not been easy -- this time of healing. My body says it is getting too old for so much pain and stress. I then remind my body that there is likely to be much more pain and stress before we "shake off this mortal coil" so just accept it and try to remember to offer it up for all the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them!

Of course, it is easy to say this to myself when I am not hurting, but when I am.... it can be a somewhat different story. At any rate, I am gradually getting better -- the evidence is in the mirror -- but I am still a long way from being well. I continue to have a lot of swelling and pain and discomfort, but each day I can see just a bit of improvement.

Icon, "Our Lord Jesus Heals the Blind Man", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

The three drawings that you see here at the beginning of this posting are ones that have been particularly meaningful to me during these past weeks.  They are not particularly good drawings, but I do find them comforting.

In the one above, I can look at it and remember the stories of Our Lord healing so many people not just the blind.  Although, like some blind people, I have been troubled a lot because the area around my eyes is so swollen that I cannot close or open them properly which can make for very uncomfortable eyes!  So, I sit and imagine the gentle touch of Jesus on my burning eyes and as I am imagining the scene, it often feels as though my eyes are being soothed and I am grateful.

Icon, "Our Lord Jesus is Crowned with Thorns", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

This drawing of Our Lord Jesus crowned with thorns has been a comfort when my head has been hurting particularly badly.  I look at Him and realize how little my head hurts in comparison to His head crowed with thorns.  As well, I can go and take something to give me some relief -- this was not so for Christ Jesus.  The pain just continued for hour after hour made worse by each blow, each fall, each lash of the whip.

I sit and look at Him, picturing the scene in my mind and realizing how little I suffer by comparison and I see my pain in an entirely different way.  In fact, it seems to lessen and I am grateful.

"Madonna and the Child Jesus -- A study in blue", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

Then, there is this drawing of Jesus and His Blessed Mother.  This is not a true icon -- you don't call icons a "study in blue"!  But I find it very helpful as I look at it, with all its soothing blue shades, and imagine myself being held as Jesus is being held -- although I would like to be hugged just a bit tighter.

Sometimes I even imagine that both Jesus and His Mother are holding me close as the three of us sit.  Then I allow their comforting presences to dislodge my awareness of suffering and that sneaky self-pity which is always trying to crawl into my thoughts and I feel gratitude.

Finally, although I do not have a drawing of it, I imagine all my family and friends surrounding me with love and lifting me up in prayer and kind thoughts and then I am truly filled with gratitude.  The phone calls and messages and emails have all gone a long way in constantly reminding me that I am truly blessed.  Thank you all so very much.

So, in spite of the pain, suffering and discomfort, this time, I find, is truly a time of healing of everything unwell within me.


After receiving these photos of Braden, I couldn't resist creating a "fashion page"!

Page from the November Issue of "Young Men's Fashion Magazine"!

This reporter met up with Braden coming off his latest fashion shoot featuring items for spring, 2013.  I asked him to what did he attribute his meteoric rise in the fashion world.  He told me:  "I owe it all to my mother who taught me what goes with what when I was just a little tyke."

With that remark, Braden was whisked away by his agent. 

It is rumoured that he will be appearing in Toronto's Christmas Fashion Gala unless he is too busy playing "attack Pooh Bear" with his father!


"But I want to play some more.. I'm not ready to go to bed yet!"
Suki has been reasonably well behaved these past four days.  Once Brenda left and Suki realized that it was just the two of us again, she soon settled back into our regular routine.

Of course, this is not to say that she has been totally well behaved.  She hasn't.  But she is no longer trying to get away with all her shenanigans that she tried while company was here.

She has spent most of her time near me in her bed, sleeping while I sleep and rest.  For hours on end, the apartment is silent as we sleep.  Occasionally the TV is on as I watch one of my favourite Catholic programs.  I tried watching the news with her (she likes it when the emergency vehicles come on the screen with their flashing lights), but the news has been so difficult with all the storms and the suffering they have brought that I often just grab the headlines and let it go at that.

Now it is time for me to warm up the food that Joycelyn left for me and to feed Suki.  I hope to be sending out another posting in four or five more days.  Watch for it!!

May the peace of God surround us all and keep us safe from harm.

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Deb said...

I'm glad to see you back; I enjoy your posts. Get better soon!