Saturday, 17 November 2012

Orchids and Roses

"Phalaenopsis bellina", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

 Today I want to show two new drawings of flowers. 

Phalaenopsis bellina is a species of orchid from Borneo with cream flowers and a pink centre and is fragrant - smells like lemon sherbet!  Formerly it was known as Phal violacea bellina.

Phalaenopsis (from Latin bellus, beautiful) was also regarded for a long time as the form "Borneo" of Phalaenopsis violacea, this Phalaenopsis is now considered a species on its own. Phalaenopsis bellina differs from Phalaenopsis violacea only by its colouring, some morphological details and its different perfume.  Personally, I would think that having different fragrances would have caused P. bellina to be a separate species from the beginning!  Oh well, these decisions were made by men and, I say this very kindly, but men are not really the most knowledgeable about perfumes in the first place!

"Rosa 'Osiria'", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012

The second drawing is of a rather spectacular rose -- a cultivar by the name of "Osiria".

'Osiria' is a Hybrid Tea, or large-flowered bush rose with dark green leaves and, in summer and autumn, fragrant, double flowers with deep red inside the petals and silver-white on the outside of each petal.

The colour of the actual Osiria rose can vary from pale red to deep burgundy -- the richer the colour, the more impressive the flower, obviously.  The person drawing a picture of this rose can use the more dramatic colouring as I chose to do in the drawing above.  The rich colour combined with the pale colouring on the reverse of the petal makes a very powerful artistic statement.



You may recall my telling you about my involvement in a charity event in Kingston, Ontario.  It is a fund raiser for seniors called "6-Squared" -- the reason being that all the entries must be 6 x 6 inches.  I was asked to submit 6 entries, which I did through the kindness of my friend, Sr. Kay who lives in Kingston.  Recently, there was an article in the local newspaper, the Whig Standard.  The article included a few photos -- one of which I have posted below.  The photo includes a section of the display of the items on which the public will be bidding. 

If you look carefully, you can see at least two of the items submitted by me.  Since the artist's name will not be revealed until the item has been purchased, I don't want to identify my work just in case someone who is thinking of purchasing an item should happen to read this blog posting!  Instead, why don't you take a look at the photo and see if you can identify anything you think is done by my hand.  Then send me an e-mail about it.  If you are correct, then I would be glad to send you a print of the very item you identified!

"Can you guess which prints were made from drawings of mine?"



"Suki gives me the look!"
Today has been one of those days where Suki has given me "the look" 
numerous times.

Why?  Simply because she has decided that she needs to increase her food intake!

There have been days like this before and we have gotten through them and things have returned to normal once again.  So what is normal for this cat?

Well, normally, Suki has her food at certain regular times and then she retires to one of her many beds where she sleeps until it is time for her next meal.  Sometimes this varies because she decides she wants to pull some toys out of her toy basket and play for a while before settling down. 

Occasionally, however, a day will come along when Suki decides she wants to change her routine and the part she wants to change is always the same:  she wants to increase the amount of food by either getting larger servings or being fed more frequently or both.  When she fails to manage to achieve this change, then she spends the day sort of glowering at me and everything around her. In fact, she gives me "the look" so frequently that I almost forget how she looks when she is happily content!!

So, today I have noticed that every time I get up to get myself something to drink, to answer the phone or the door or do any other ordinary task, that there is a black object practically attached to my leg!  Suki is following me again, trying to herd me into the kitchen and making the occasional pleading sound.  It is actually interesting to observe the various techniques she uses in an effort to convince me to feed her.  When she realizes that nothing is going to work and that my "no" really means no, she gets "the look" on her face, stalks off with her tail held high and with a loud sigh, she plops herself down in one of her resting spots where she can see and be seen.  I sometimes pass by where she is sitting and say something like, "hello, little kitty-cat" just to see what response I get.  I get "the look" and a twitch of her tail! 

Eventually, another legitimate feeding time arrives and then, for a while, "the look" disappears and all is well again!  Ah, the joys of living with Miz Suki!!

Now, for the latest about Sallie and her ongoing concerns...

I saw the surgeon (the one who did my recent surgery) this past Thursday.  He continues to be pleased with the progress I am making.  And, I have to admit that over the past month I have improved.  He did agree with me, however, that there are several areas that do not seem to be improving:  my lower lip and my eyes.  He did say that it often can take up to six months before all those traumatized nerves recover to their fullest extent, but I would imagine that this is the same message that all patients are given.

At any rate, I still plan to see the plastic (eye) surgeon when the appointment arrives and discuss my options with him as it is my eyes that currently trouble me the most.  It would be such a relief to have them working properly again.

Otherwise, I continue to need a lot of rest.  My ability to eat crunchier things is increasing which pleases me since I do like crunchy toast in the mornings.  As well, I am almost off the extra pain meds that I have been taking since the surgery.  I would imagine that in the next week or so that I will be off of them completely.  So, slowly, slowly, things are gradually healing. 

I do want to say again how much I welcome your prayers and good wishes.  Friends who have called or written tell me that they continue to pray for me and I am sure that your prayers and the prayers of all the saints I have asked to intercede are helping immensely.  I have grown ever more aware of how precious and effective prayers can be so long as every prayer is prefaced by the sincere desire that "Thy Will be done."

It is now time for me to go and spend some quality time with the Lord.  It is now almost 3 p.m. and, as many of you know,  the Hour of Divine Mercy begins at 3 p.m. each day.  The hour that traditiion tells us that our Lord Jesus died on the cross.

I pray that the peace of God will be with us all -- now and always.

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