Sunday, 24 February 2013

Blessed Mother, please mother me...

Icon "Our Lady, Sweetest Mother", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
This "little" procedure I had on Wednesday, the 20th, turned out to not be so "little" after all!

Right now I need a mother to hold me and tell me that it will all be all right soon -- that soon the pain and discomfort will end and then I will have a time of blessing and peace once again.  This icon of Our Lady speaks to me of that mothering I long for. 

Thank goodness I know, in faith, that I can go to our Blessed Mother and that she will mother me while showing me her precious Son on the cross, reminding me that suffering will make me more like Him.  And that while it is all right to cry out: "Lord, don't you care that I am in distress", I need to always return to my cry of faith: "be it done unto me according to Your Word."

Meanwhile, I will gaze upon the image of Our Lady and her precious son and imagine myself being held in those motherly arms, being comforted until all the pain and distress just disappears, until I am resting peacefully.



I have received a number of "get well" phone calls and emails, but the most precious one came from Braden's mother's cell phone (Big News -- he has two teeth now!):

"Get well soon.  I love you, Auntie Sallie"  signed Braden



"How could you treat me this way?"

Suki has been very good since I came home from the surgery on Wednesday night.  She usually stays close and crawls up beside me once I am asleep -- which doesn't awaken me, but just makes me feel very good when I finally do wake up and find her purring there at my side.

So, not only dogs seem to know when an important person in their lives is sick -- cats obviously do so as well.  And I am very grateful as I need all the comforting I can get right now.

This "little" procedure took over 2 hours during which I had to be fully awake so that I could move my eyes in various directions when necessary, among other things.  That was the longest 2 hours I have experienced since I was a child having to wait for 15 more minutes before a punishment time-out was ended!

 I pray that this will be the final surgery I will have to have for a long, long time.  Right now I look as though I fell down two flights of stairs.  Until last night, my left eye was completely swollen shut while the right eye was almost completely closed.  Thankfully, it remained open just enough for me to continue with my necessary activities.  I see the surgeon again tomorrow and I am hoping I haven't done any damage to all his beautiful sutures with this excessive swelling!  I will keep you informed.

"Spanish Moss"
Meanwhile, this photo of some place in north Florida pleases and comforts me.  I can clearly imagine myself being there on a warm early-spring day -- walking along that road barefoot feeling the warm sand under my feet (hopefully there wouldn't be any sand spurs anywhere around!).  I can almost imagine the smell of the warm earth and the Spanish moss waving in the breeze.

Thank you dear God for all your creation and for all the many gifts you have given to me and to all my readers.  Help us to always be filled with gratitude.

May the peace of God be with us all.

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