Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shooting Stars

Dodecatheon hendersonii (Broad-leaf Shooting Star), drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Dodecatheon hendersonii is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, native to western North America, from California north to southern British Columbia and Idaho. In California, it occurs in the northwest (except the north coast), the Cascade Range, the Sierra Nevada foothills, the Central Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, the north Inner South Coast Ranges, and the San Bernardino Mountains. It is generally found in open woodlands, from sea level in British Columbia, up to 1,900 m (6,234 ft) altitude in California. Common names include broad-leaved shooting star, Henderson's shooting star, mosquito bills, and sailor caps. The leaves and roots can be eaten when roasted or boiled, but are reported to be poisonous when eaten raw.

Dodecatheon meadia (Common Shooting Star), drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Dodecatheon meadia is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, native to North America. It is found in the American South, as well as the Upper Midwest, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania and the Canadian province of Manitoba. It grows in woods and prairies and tolerates partial shade. It is generally known as the common shooting star, though this name may also refer to other species. This Shooting Star, as well as other varieties, was used medicinally by Native Americans.  An infusion of the roots was used as a wash for sore eyes.  A cooled infusion of leaves was used for eye drops. An infusion of leaves was gargled, especially by children, for cankers.



A couple of delightful photos of a beautiful boy (IMHO!)

"I don't think this is the right piece, but where is it?  Maybe I'm lying on it!"

"The world looks very safe when I am up here in my Dad's arms."



"What do you mean 'what am I doing?'"
"I'm not doing anything!  I was just sitting here and then the pen
just rolled off the table all by itself... honest!"

Like a mother of a young child, I find that my ears are always listening to determine what Suki may be doing!

Most of the time she is sleeping as cats require a lot of sleep in order to stay healthy; however...
Occasionally I will hear unusual noises coming from another room and I find myself immediately stopping whatever I am doing in order to listen carefully with my excellent hearing!

Suki, by the way, has a great love for pens and pencils.  As a consequence, I try to always keep them in various containers scattered about the house.  Sometimes, however, I forget... and when I do, Suki always finds them -- even when the item is sitting on a table and not visible to her from the floor!

This past week, she not only found a loose pen which she promptly sent flying to the floor where she began to chase it as she pushed it around the room.  She also discovered a small stone which I had been showing someone along with one of my many pairs of drug store glasses  -- these, too, ended up on the floor.  The stone, by the way, make quite a lovely noise as it hit the hardwood -- at least Suki seemed to think so as I found her batting it around the floor seeming to feel quite proud of herself.

It's not that I really mind her playing with these things (other than the glasses), but she always manages to finally lose the object under the sofa which is too close to the floor for her to crawl under.  Then I have to put my poor old body through all sorts of contortions in an effort to retrieve the object.  Sometimes, I just have to wait for Joycelyn to arrive as the sofa ends up having to be moved.  As a consequence, I really try to keep these objects away from her but as old age continues its relentless progress, I become more and more forgetful.  Ah, well, what does it matter.  I shouldn't begrudge her these little pleasures, I guess.  Or at least that is how I feel at the moment, but the next time I hear something crashing to the floor, you had better believe that I won't be making such generous remarks!!

As for me, I can hardly believe that I only have Monday and Tuesday before the big day arrives and I get my eyes fixed.  Please pray that all goes well and don't hesitate to ask St. Lucy to intercede on my behalf.

As for the appointment with the sleep clinic, I now have a confirmed date:  February 27th!  Finally I will get the results of the sleep study.  Actually, since getting off that medication I told you about, I am really doing much better.  I continue to have "sleep attacks", but they are milder in comparison and therefore not as dangerous.  I also am feeling stronger and healthier.  The only problem that has gotten worse is the one with the restless legs but I will hopefully find some kind of medication for that that does not do so much damage to me as the previous meds did.

So, the next time I post something, I should be rapidly recovering from my surgery -- I hope it will be later this week on Friday, but, if not, I will post again for sure next Sunday.  No reminder in your mailbox for Wednesday, but if you remember, say a prayer, please.

Almighty God, let the words of our mouths, the meditations of our hearts, be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our Strength and our Redeemer.

May the peace of God be with us all.


Amra Porobic said...

Dear Sallie, may your surgeon tomorrow have delicate and skillful hands and fix your eyes for good.
I pray for you tonight.
In case you didn't notice, you should take out the duplicate paragraph about dodecatheon. ;)

Sallie (Sarah) said...

Dear Amra: Thanks for the prayers. As for the duplicate paragraphs, they are almost duplicates but not quite. One is about Dodecatheon hendersonii while the other one says Dodecatheon meadia. They are both members of the same family so the sentence is the same for both species. Thanks again for prayers. Love, S.